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How much does Hydro dipping a pistol cost?

How much does Hydro dipping a pistol cost?

We’re going to look at two very popular methods of coating a rifle, shotgun, or pistol in camouflage. The first is called hydro dipping, which is a water-soluble film based process….COMPARE AND CONTRAST.

Hydro Dipping Gun Skins
Cost: $100-400. Cost: $15-65.

Does Hydro dipping last on guns?

The gun may need to be dipped more than once to allow the entire surface to be coated….Hydro Dip or GunSkins?

Hydro Dipping Gun Skins
Finish: Durable matte clear coat. Finish: Durable matte laminate.
Longevity: 10+ Years. Longevity: 5+ Years.

Is hydro dipping waterproof?

Introduction: Hydro Dipping Hydro dipping works because when the spray paint is on the water, it does not mix, so when you submerge the object, the paint sticks to the base coat providing a water proof sealant on the outside of the object.

What are hydro dip kits?

The Hydro-Dip kit is the most user friendly kit on the market. This kit was designed with the beginner dipper in mind. This kit will provide a long-lasting, and durable finish on the items chosen for decoration: firearms, sporting goods, hunting and fishing equipment, automotive, and more…

What is hydro dipping graphics?

Water Transfer Printing or Hydrographics (also known as hydro dipping, hydro imaging, fluid imaging, hydrographic printing) is a 3D decorating process. Graphics such as geometrical , camouflage, carbon fiber, wood-grain, as well as custom images and patterns are applied to decorate the items.

What is hydro dip tank?

Our production-level hydro dip tanks are built for medium to high-volume decoration. This is a popular processing solution for OEMs and companies who wish to decorate large objects like ATV components, golf carts, large dashboards, and other large parts.

What is a dip kit?

Camo Dip Kit is a quick and easy, do-it-yourself kit that lets you apply a variety of the world’s most popular camouflage patterns to anything you like. Our patented water transfer process, also called hydrographics , is a way to transfer an image to a 3-D surface. Far easier than offset printing, vinyl decals,…

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