Where is the flood in Carlisle?

Where is the flood in Carlisle?

The Carlisle floods of January 2005 Carlisle is situated on the flood plain of the River Eden with three rivers meeting in the city. The catchment covers approximately 2400km2 and is home to approximately 244,000 people.

Is Carlisle on a floodplain?

It lies at the confluence of two rivers – The Eden and the Caldew, which have highly responsive catchments that feed large volumes of surface run-off from the surrounding fells. The area immediately to the south of the Eden was worst affected, where the floodplain has been developed.

Did Eden Place Carlisle flood?

More than 20 houses in Etterby Terrace and Eden Place, Carlisle, were ruined in the floods when Storm Desmond battered the county. After being contacted by Alison Armstrong, who lives in Etterby Terrace, the EA deployed a pump, and worked through the night to prevent the water reaching people’s homes.

Is the River Eden flood?

There are currently no flood warnings or alerts in force at this location Lower River Eden.

When did the Carlisle flood happen in 2005?

Over the years Carlisle has experienced some severe flooding, but none worse than in January 2005 when over 1,800 properties in the city flooded. Power and telephone lines were disrupted; road and rail networks were closed.

What was the aim of the Carlisle flood scheme?

The main aim of the scheme in Carlisle was to reduce the risk of flooding to residents and businesses, but we also took the opportunity to work with Cumbria County Council, Carlisle City Council and Sustrans to provide greater benefit.

What was the highest flow on the Eden river in Carlisle?

The previous highest recorded flow on the River Eden at Carlisle was 1,075 cusecs in 1987. The first warning of flooding in Carlisle by the Environment Agency was at 17:18 on 7 January and further warnings were given in the early hours of 8 January.

When was the last time the Eden river flood?

The city has a long history of flooding with notable floods in 1771, 1822, 1856, 1925, 1968 and more recently in 2005. The 2015 flood level on the River Eden was 0.6m higher than in 2005. The flood event in January 2005 affected approximately 1600 properties and led to the loss of 3 lives.

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