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What is SmartBook recharge?

What is SmartBook recharge?

Similar to a traditional tutor, the SmartBook also predicts what material the student will forget over time and how fast they will forget it. Knowing this, the SmartBook asks students to “recharge” their learning, helping the student to review and better retain the material.

How do I make a student account on PowerSchool?

Open your browser to the PowerSchool Parent Portal: / Parents tab / PowerSchool-Student Grades (you can. also go to the Student tab and select PowerSchool)Click on Create Account.To create an account, you will enter the following information: • Name – Your first and last name.

How do I make an active student account?

Create ActiveParent AccountFor the safety of our students & the student data, you may be required to bring to the school, a photo identification in person to activate your Active Parent account.Enter a User Name (must be minimum 6 characters)Enter a Password (must be minimum 6 characters)

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