What was Zach Thomas number?

What was Zach Thomas number?

54Miami Dolphins / Linebacker
Zach Thomas/Number

Who is Zach Thomas married to?

Maritza Thomasm. 2006
Zach Thomas/Spouse

Zach Thomas is holding his wife Maritza’s hand as they sit in the gazebo by their pool. Their 4-year-old daughter Sienna playfully climbs over the couple as they talk, while 10-year-old Christian and 8-year-old Valentina kick around a soccer ball on the putting-green-quality lawn nearby.

How many years did Zach Thomas play in the NFL?

13 seasons
The Dolphins drafted Thomas in Round 5 of the 1996 NFL Draft. During his 13 seasons (12 with the Dolphins), Thomas was arguably the best the NFL had to offer. He finished his career with 1,720 tackles, 20.5 sacks, 17 forced fumbles, 8 fumble recoveries, and 17 interceptions with 4 touchdowns in 184 games.

When did Zach Thomas play for the Dolphins?

2008Dallas Cowboys
1996Miami Dolphins
Zach Thomas/Dates joined
Zach went on to not only be a long-time starter but the leader of the Miami Dolphins defense for 12 straight seasons from 1996 to 2007. Zach also spent one season with the Dallas Cowboys in 2008 but we will try and forget about that.

What happened to Zach Thomas?

Zach Thomas Now Nowadays, Thomas is focused on family life. He lives with his wife and their three children in Florida.

Who wore 54 for Miami Dolphins?

Zach Thomas
Zach Thomas IS number 54.

How old is Monica Velasco?

West Texas woman sentenced to 15 years in federal prison in RICO case. Monica Velasco, the 43-year-old sister of Dalia, Emmanuel and Samuel, remains a fugitive in this case.

Who has the most career tackles in NFL history?

Ray Lewis

Rank Player Solo
1 Ray Lewis+ 1,568
2 London Fletcher 1,384
3 Derrick Brooks+ 1,300
4 Donnie Edwards 1,135

Who wore 54 for the Dolphins?

He was drafted by the Miami Dolphins in the fifth round of the 1996 NFL Draft, and played for the Dolphins his first 12 seasons in the NFL, before playing his 13th and final season with the Dallas Cowboys….Zach Thomas.

Thomas in 2002
No. 54, 55
Position: Middle linebacker
Personal information
Born: September 1, 1973 Pampa, Texas

Who Wore 5 for the Dolphins?

John Stofa
John Stofa, who holds the distinction of being the only player the Dolphins have acquired in a trade TWICE, wore 5 in his second two-year stint in Miami.

Who wore number 1 for Miami Dolphins?

Tua Tagovailoa
As was the case with number 2, there are only four choices. The hope is that rookie Tua Tagovailoa eventually will become the No. 1 player at number 1 for the Dolphins.

How tall is Jason Taylor?

6′ 6″
Jason Taylor/Height

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