What kind of decorations do they put up for Chinese New Year?

What kind of decorations do they put up for Chinese New Year?

Chinese do most of the decoration for the Spring Festival on New Year’s Eve, although people begin to decorate their houses around 10 days before. Almost all decorations involved the color red and lucky images. 2020 is a year of the Rat, so rat decorations will appear. Red lanterns are most popular decorations for Chinese New Year.

Why are red lanterns important for Chinese New Year?

As a traditional folk handicraft, the Chinese red lantern now has been one of the symbols of Chinese culture and it’s also a necessary decoration in various festivals, especially in the Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival.

Which is the best flower for Chinese New Year?

The pussy willow is also called the silver willow, the rising buds of which symbolize a rising fortune in career. The Chinese nick name of guzmania conifer has a meaning of “Lucky Strike”. Its red flower has been regarded as a lucky omen and it’s also a good plant to add festivity since the red is the theme color of Chinese New Year.

What should I write on my Chinese New Year Door?

The Spring Festival Couplets, also called door couplets, are used to paste on the two sides of the doors to express good wishes of the New Year. They are always written in black ink on red paper, which is bright and elegant. The sentences of the couplets need to be written in form with symmetry and neatness.

How big are the Chinese New Year lights?

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How are Chinese lanterns used during Chinese New Year?

Chinese lanterns are used in important festivals such as the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year to the Lantern Festival) and the Mid-Autumn Festival. During Chinese New Year it is not uncommon to see lanterns hung on trees in the streets, office buildings, and doors of houses.

Why are the characters on Chinese New Year upside down?

The fu characters are deliberately inverted. Fu means ‘good fortune’, and posting the character upside down means they want the ‘good fortune’ to “pour out” on them. The right side of the character was originally a pictogram for a jar.

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