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How do you get to Havasu Falls AZ?

How do you get to Havasu Falls AZ?

The best way to reach Havasupai is from Highway 66, six miles east of Peach Springs, onto Indian Route 18, a 64 mile road to Hualapai Hilltop. From the Hilltop parking lot there is an eight mile trail to Supai Village. This trail may be traveled either by foot or horse.

Can you go to Havasu Falls now?

The Havasupai Reservation and Supai Village remain on lockdown and are CLOSED TO ALL TOURISTS. Please do not travel to the Havasupai Reservation or Supai Village. All tourists are prohibited from entering. To visit Havasu Falls “the right way” requires planning and plenty of physical preparation.

Can you drive to Havasu Falls in Arizona?

There are no roads to the waterfalls only a difficult 10 mile hike in each direction. The hike begins on the Havasupai Indian Reservation, a 4-5 hour drive from either Phoenix or Las Vegas.

What is the best time to go to Havasu Falls?

The best time visit to Havasu Falls is either in early spring or late autumn when the temperature is perfect for hiking, and the conditions are pleasant enough for camping. In the summer it’s even better camping weather, but you need to start your hike early in the morning due to the heat.

Can you hike Havasu Falls without a reservation?

To hike to Havasupai, you’ll need reservations. Day trips are not allowed, and the minimum stay is 3 nights if you’re camping. You will need either camping reservations to stay in the campground, or you’ll need reservations at the lodge.

Where are the other waterfalls in Havasu Arizona?

In addition to soaking up the wonder that is Havasu Falls, you should make time to explore the area’s other waterfalls. You’ll see three of them on your hike from Supai Village to the campground. Two more waterfalls sit just north of the campground on Havasu Falls Trail. Once settled in at camp, most people day-hike to the other falls.

Do you need a permit to go to Havasu Falls?

Havasu Falls sits on the Havasupai Indian Reservation—which is not part of Grand Canyon National Park— so you’ll need to buy a permit from the Havasupai Tribe to access the area. That is if you’re among the lucky few able to score a reservation when the season’s dates go live on February 1 at 8 a.m. (MST).

Is it worth it to go to Havasu Falls?

Spent 3 nights on the Havasupai tribal land, camped at the campground just below Havasupai falls. The falls are stunning but they are only a small part of the area. This is definitely a trip worth doing but currently only 3 night permits are being… Havasupai is breathtaking.

Is there a leave no trace at Havasu Falls?

Leave no trace: Havasu Falls and the Havasupai Reservation are special places, wilderness areas whose breathtaking beauty and natural habitats for local wildlife is worth preserving. Adhere to the Leave No Trace principles as much as you possibly can so future visitors may continue to enjoy.

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