What does Error 5 mean on BA II Plus?

What does Error 5 mean on BA II Plus?

The Error 5 is triggered when no solution exists for the value that you’re trying to calculate. When the logarithm input is not greater than 0 when using Time Value of Money, Cash Flow or Bond worksheets. When the user forgets to include one negative cash flow in a Cash Flow worksheet list.

What is error 7 on BA II Plus?

When this is the case, the calculator displays ERROR 7 (iteration limit exceeded). If you do not enter a value for frequency after you enter the cash flow value, the calculator assumes a value of 1; however, the down arrow key must be pressed again before entering the next cash flow.

How to calculate cash flows in Texas Instruments BaII plus?

To calculate do the following:  Go to the cash flow register by pressing CF Next clear prior data in that function by pressing 2nd   FV   2nd   CE/C   Enter the cash flows (use arrow keys to navigate): in CFo:  -10000   Enter  in CO1:  4000   Enter  in CO2:  7000   Enter  in CO3:  12000   Enter

What’s the CF key on the BAII plus?

In addition to the previously mentioned financial keys, the BAII Plus also has the CF (cash flow) key to handle a series of uneven cash flows. To exit from “cash flow mode” at any time, simple press 2nd CPT (quit).

How to calculate NPV in Ti BaII advanced functions?

It’s going to prompt you for I, what discount rate do you want to use. We want to use 10, so we enter that as a whole number and then press ENTER, and it shows 10. It will expand to the decimals you have it set for. Then scroll down and you’ll get to NPV, but that’s not your real NPV. That’s the old NPV.

When to use cfostands for initial cash flow?

  CFostands for initial cash flow (outlay), C01stands for cash flow year one, C02stands for cash flow year two, etc.   The F01, F02, etc. can be used if you have the same cash flow occurring for more than one year.

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