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What is economic development in sustainable development?

What is economic development in sustainable development?

In environmental law: Sustainable development. Sustainable development is an approach to economic planning that attempts to foster economic growth while preserving the quality of the environment for future generations.

What is economic development IB economics?

Economic development is the efforts that seek to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for a community by creating and/or retaining jobs and supporting or growing incomes and the tax base – i.e., will improve the standards of living for the whole population.

What is difference between economic development and sustainable development?

An economic development is based on economic growth. On the other hand, the sustainable development model is a multidisciplinary concept and it relies on reducing resource consumption, producing clean alternative energy, protection of environment factors, quality of life in its complexity.

What do you learn in IB economics?

By focusing on the six real-world issues through the nine key concepts (scarcity, choice, efficiency, equity, economic well-being, sustainability, change, interdependence and intervention), students of the DP economics course will develop the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that will encourage them to act …

What are the advantages of sustainable development?


  • 1.It helps in the sustainable management of means and resources.
  • 2.It helps to ensure a bright future for the future generation.
  • 3.It focuses on the environment conservation.
  • 4.It helps in the acquisition,mobilizationand conservation of means and resources.

What is inflation IB economics?

Inflation is persistent increase in the price level of an economy over a period of time. Disinflation is fall in the rate of inflation. Deflation – decrease in the price level of an economy over a period of time.

What is the poverty trap economics?

A situation in which there is little incentive for workers earning a low income to earn extra income, because it would result in having to either pay higher tax and/or losing some of their benefit payments.

How does sustainable development help the economy?

The benefits of Sustainable Economic Development impact more than just those in poverty. For example, reducing energy use and expanding public transit options leads to less air pollution, which can improve asthma and heart conditions. Efficient homes and businesses will be more comfortable and safer.

How does sustainability impact the economy?

increased economic activity and property values. savings and lowered operating costs. uncertainty, such as potential rises in energy and water costs. investments that spur additional savings, revenues, and economic development.

What are the key concepts of economics?

At the most basic level, economics attempts to explain how and why we make the purchasing choices we do. Four key economic concepts—scarcity, supply and demand, costs and benefits, and incentives—can help explain many decisions that humans make.

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