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How do you eat Ligo sardines?

How do you eat Ligo sardines?

Ligo sardines is so good specially when cooked in olive oil and lots of garlic and onions. So delicious when eaten with fresh steamed rice or garlic fried rice or hot pandesal. Ginisang Sardinas is so good too with Misua Soup.

Can you eat Ligo sardines without cooking?

You don’t need a complicated recipe to enjoy sardines! Simply grab a fork and eat them straight out of the can for a healthy, protein-packed snack. You could add a drizzle of lemon juice, hot sauce, or balsamic vinaigrette on top if you want.

Can you cook canned sardines?

Grilling canned sardines is the perfect way to bring them to life, add some flavour, and give them a little more dignity if the whole ‘canned’ thing turns you off. Yes, they’re already cooked so you just reheating them and giving them a little charred edge.

Should I gut sardines before cooking?

Simply rinse and pat the sardines dry – there is no real need to gut them – then grill them under a hot grill, turning them once during cooking. They will take only a few minutes on each side. Lay them on plates then drizzle them with lemon olive oil and grind over a little black pepper.

Do you eat the sardine head?

Sardines come packed in water, oil, tomato juice, and other liquids in a tin can. You can eat them right out of the can, top them with onions or peppers, or add condiments such as mustard, mayo, or hot sauce. Usually, the heads have been removed, but you’ll be eating the skin and bones.

What’s the best way to cook LIGO sardines?

6-8 cloves of garlic, peeled and sliced thin (the more the merrier I get) Using a deep pan, heat in medium heat and add olive oil. Add slices of onion and cook for few minutes. Add garlic and cook until fragrant. Pour in sardines and gently stir. Continue cooking for 5 to 10 minutes in medium low heat.

Which is the best recipe for ginisang Sardinas?

This is a recipe for Ginisang Sardinas. Heat the oil in a pan. When the onion becomes soft, add the tomato and cook for 3 minutes. Pour-in the sardines in tomato sauce and chili. Stir and let boil. Cook for 5 minutes in low to medium heat.

Why is LIGO sardines important to the Philippines?

Ligo is more than just a brand of canned food. Through the years, it has provided not just sustenance but brought families and friends together. From the mother who carefully prepares her child’s baon, to the wife who prepares a warm meal for her husband after a long day, Ligo has been an expression of love. It’s comfort food at its best.

What’s the best kind of sardines to make?

Sauteed Sardines or Ginisang Sardinas is not only cheap but also easy to make. My favorite canned sardines is the red can Ligo with added chili and I think they are made from the Philippines. Ligo sardines is so good specially when cooked in olive oil and lots of garlic and onions.

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