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Who played Woodys girlfriend on Cheers?

Who played Woodys girlfriend on Cheers?

Jackie Swanson
Jackie Swanson was originally hired to play Woody’s naive, wealthy girlfriend Kelly for just one episode on NBC’s “Cheers.” Much to her surprise, she’s just finished her third season on the long-running comedy.

Who played Susan on Cheers?

Marcia Cross
Susan, Dana Delaney, is the second “Desperate Housewives” actress to appear on Cheers. Marcia Cross played Susan Howe, Rebecca’s Sister in an earlier episode.

Who did Woody marry on Cheers?

Kelly Gaines
During season eleven there are many transformations before the finale. Woody Boyd (Woody Harrelson), another bartender at Cheers, is married to socialite Kelly Gaines (Jackie Swanson), expecting a child with her, and has been running to be a councilmember of the Boston City Council.

Who played Amanda in Lethal Weapon?

Jackie SwansonLethal Weapon
Amanda Hunsaker/Played by

Who was the girl who jumped off the balcony in Lethal Weapon?

In 1987, Swanson made her feature debut in the opening scene of Lethal Weapon. She played Amanda Hunsaker, who falls to her death from a building onto the roof of a car.

Do Kelly and Woody stay married?

After initially deciding to wait until after they’re married, Woody and Kelly instead consummated their relationship that morning. They decided that as long as they get married today, they’ll be OK.

Why was Cheers Cancelled?

When Danson announced that he’d be leaving the series at the end of the 1992-1993 season, producers decided that Woody could take over the bar. But Woody Harrelson wasn’t interested in continuing the show without Danson, and so its series finale was set.

Who was the girl at the beginning of Lethal Weapon?

Amanda Hunsaker
Amanda Hunsaker appears in the beginning of the film in a hotel room in Los Angeles at night. Amanda lays in bed appearing to be really high on drugs, she can almost barely move.

How old is Jackie Swanson?

58 years (June 25, 1963)
Jackie Swanson/Age

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