What is a Fibre Channel hard drive?

What is a Fibre Channel hard drive?

Fiber / Fibre Channel hard drives are almost exclusively for usage in servers that use hot swappable (hot-swap) drives with a Fiber Channel 40-pin “SCA-2” hot pluggable backplane. You use a hard drive tray or caddy or sled, and simply slide and clip the drive into the front of your server.

Is Fiber Channel related to hard disk?

Fiber channel is a high-bandwidth enterprise-class hard drive interface.

What is Fiber Channel storage?

A Fibre Channel storage area network (SAN) is a specialized, high-speed network that attaches servers and storage devices. With a SAN, you can create an any-to-any connection across the network with interconnected elements such as routers, gateways, and switches.

What is an SAS hard drive?

In computing, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is a point-to-point serial protocol that moves data to and from computer-storage devices such as hard disk drives and tape drives. SAS offers optional compatibility with Serial ATA (SATA), versions 2 and later.

What is NL SAS drive?

NL-SAS drives also use the SAS interface, providing gains of up to 30% performance over traditional enterprise-class Serial ATA (SATA). The primary benefit of NL-SAS drives is the ability to have large-capacity drives, while maintaining the faster speed of the SAS interface.

What are the benefits of Fibre Channel SANs?

By providing a network of storage resources to servers, Fibre Channel SANs uncouple storage from individual platforms, allowing data transfer among all nodes on the storage network. Fibre Channel is an ideal solution for IT professionals who need reliable, cost-effective information storage and delivery at fast speeds.

Where can I install a Fibre Channel Adapter?

Install a PCI-to-PCI bridge in a PCI slot in the test system. You can also use an existing slot behind a bridge. Install a secondary, identical Fibre Channel adapter (Test Device 2) in the PCI-to-PCI bridge card. Connect two Fibre Channel hard disk drives or a Fibre Channel JBOD to Test Device 2.

How to test a Fibre Channel hard drive?

Connect two Fibre Channel hard disk drives or a Fibre Channel JBOD to Test Device 2. Use three Fibre Channel hard disk drives for RAID-5 testing. Turn on the test computer. Configure the JBOD or disks as Array 2, according to the following list:

Can a pci adapter be used as a Fibre Channel Adapter?

The Fibre Channel adapter test device is an integrated controller, there is only one of these controllers in the system, and an equivalent PCI adapter version of the device does not exist. The Fibre Channel adapter is designed for and sold only in a host test system that accepts only a single version of the controller.

What to do if your Fibre Channel Adapter is not bootable?

If the test Fibre Channel adapter is not bootable, install an ATA or SCSI hard disk drive and an alternate ATA or SCSI boot controller if they are not present. Turn on the test computer, install the appropriate Windows operating system, install all available Windows updates, and then configure the computer for your test network.

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