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What is the caste of Dudekula?

What is the caste of Dudekula?

“As of now, Dudekula is one among the 40 to 45 Dalit castes among Muslims, which have been categorised under Other Backward Classes. All these castes are unable to compete with dominant OBCs either in education or employment.

What is Mehtar Muslim?

Modifying castes/communities in AP & TG Muslim castes/communities included for the state of Telangana are Mehtar (Muslim), Dudekula, Laddaf, Pinjari or Noorbash, Qureshi (Muslim butchers), Faqir, Fakeer and Rajannala, and Rajannalu.

What is the caste of Shaikh?

Hindu Kayastha caste
Shaikh Siddiqui, who claim to be descendants of Abu Bakar, the first Khalifa of Islam. Actually are descendants of the Hindu Kayastha caste. Shaikh Usmani (Osmani), who claim to be descendants of Uthman Ibn Affan the third Khalifa of Islam. Shaikh Farooqi, Honorific reverence to Umar Farooq Bin Al-Khattab.

What are the two caste of Muslim?

The non-ashrāf Muslim castes are of three levels of status: at the top, converts from high Hindu castes, mainly Rājputs, insofar as they have not been absorbed into the Shaykh castes; next, the artisan caste groups, such as the Julāhās, originally weavers; and lowest, the converted untouchables, who have continued …

What is Noorbasha?

INTRODUCTION / HISTORY The Noorbasha or Dudekula are a numerically a small community. They are known by other names such as “Pinjari”, “Bhai”, “Panjakuttai”, and “Panjari”. Hence they are locally called the Dudekula, the cotton cleaners and mattress makers.

What is BCB category?

Dear Aspirant, As you belong to BC-B group of caste then your category is OBC(Other Backward Classes).

Do Muslims come to OBC?

The Government has already provided reservation to some Muslim communities under Other Backward Classes (OBC) category. The State-wise details of Muslim community included in the Central List of OBCs as on 24th August 2010 are as follows: 6.

Is Sheikh Sunni or Shia?

The title is also used to refer to religious leaders for both Sunni and Shia Muslims. For example, the Saudi Arabian family Al ash-Sheikh (literally House of the Sheikh) is named after the religious leader and eponymous founder of Wahhabism, Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab.

Do Muslims come under OBC?

Presently, Muslims figure in the list of OBCs in both the State and Central lists for their social and economic backwardness.

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