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What celebrities live in Snedens Landing?

What celebrities live in Snedens Landing?

Residents have included Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Orson Welles, Angelina Jolie, Bjork, Diane Sawyer and Mike Nichols, Toni Morrison, Harvey Keitel, Trey Anastasio and many others. “Snedens Landing became and is still known today as one of the most beautiful and private artists enclaves in the world.

Where does Bill Murray live Palisades NY?

(Murray still lives in the area.) The home, at 124 Washington Spring Road, is known as The Manse.

What County is Palisades ny?

Rockland County

More recently, conversations have turned to house colors and speed limits, but the tiny riverside enclave in the hamlet of Palisades, N.Y., in Rockland County, 12 miles north of the George Washington Bridge, still has snakes and wildflowers and residents tethered to the past.

What celebrities live in Rockland County NY?

Famous/Notable people from Rockland County

  • Maxwell Anderson Playwright; long time resident of South Mountain Road.
  • Christine Andreas Actress.
  • Vic Arnell Comedian.
  • Billy Baldwin Actor.
  • Stephen Baldwin Actor/producer.
  • Sandy Baron Comedienne.
  • Mikhail Baryshnikov Actor.
  • Harry Bellaver Actor.

What celebrities live in Nyack New York?

Living celebrities reside in Nyack too, including Rosie O’Donnell, Stephen Baldwin, and Larry Mullen, Jr, the drummer for U2. The Showtime cable-television series Ray Donovan is filmed in Nyack so Lieb Schreiber sightings are not uncommon.

What celebrities live in Nyack NY?

What celebrities live in Harrison NY?

Quite a few celebrities have called Harrison home, including Johnny Carson and Mariano Rivera.

What celebrities live in Kingston NY?

Kingston residents include jazz musicians Rebecca Martin and husband Larry Grenadier. Grenadier frequently collaborates with another area resident, jazz guitarist Pat Metheny, who is said to have his massive guitar collection stored in a vault somewhere in Kingston.

Who are the celebrities in Snedens Landing NY?

That’s why the rural hamlet has a celebrity clientele virtually unmatched in other Hudson Valley towns. Less than an hour’s drive from Manhattan, stars ranging from Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke to Bill Murray and Mikhail Baryshnikov have called Snedens Landing home at one time or another, giving it the nickname “ Hollywood on the Hudson .”

How big is the house in Snedens Landing NY?

The nine-bedroom Gothic Revival at 64 Ludlow Lane, known as Seven Oaks, was originally built in 1862 and sits on just over four acres. It measures 8,000 square feet and features a whopping 11 fireplaces and a sun porch. Asking $1.29M: Most homes in Snedens Landing are renovated older cottages or farmhouses, but this nearby property is new.

How did Snedens Landing New York get its name?

Snedens Landing dates back to the 1700s and is named for Robert Sneden, a local landowner who ran a barge service across the river to Dobbs Ferry. During the Revolutionary War, George Washington transformed it into a communications hub with military officers Marquis de Lafayette and Baron von Steuben all passing through the town.

How old was Alice Gerard when she moved to Snedens Landing?

Alice Gerard built her two-story home in Snedens Landing back in 1957. The 85-year-old retired educator first moved to the neighborhood with her family in 1941 when she was just 10 years old. The enclave, she says, has never lost its sense of community.

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