How do I add minutes to Verizon prepaid?

How do I add minutes to Verizon prepaid?

To add funds to your account:

  1. Click Add Funds in My Verizon to get to the Add Funds page.
  2. Enter the amount you want to add in the Payment Amount field.
  3. Select what card you’d like to use to add funds:
  4. Click Add Funds.
  5. Review the amount to add and click Confirm.

Can I refill my Verizon Prepaid Phone Online?

How do I add a refill card or PIN to my prepaid account online? You can add a refill card or PIN to your account online by entering your refill card number or PIN in My Verizon.

Does 7/11 sell Verizon prepaid cards?

Participating 7-Eleven stores now carry replenishment cards for Verizon Wireless’ Local Prepay service, as well as its popular National Prepay service- which boasts no long distance charges and no roaming fees throughout most of the company’s national network.

Can I make my Verizon phone prepaid?

Can I bring my own device to a prepaid plan? Yes, You can bring a device you already own over to Verizon. Keep the phone you love (and already paid for) and take advantage of Verizon’s network.

Is Verizon prepaid Deprioritized?

“All prepaid, both tiered and unlimited, is deprioritized. It’s only on postpaid where there’s a difference.” From an October 2018 thread in the Verizon subreddit.

How do you refill a Verizon prepaid phone?

Keep service active on your phone by refilling your Verizon prepaid account. Refill your account by calling *611 from your phone or by adding money to the account on the Verizon website. Verizon also allows you to refill your account at most local Verizon stores.

How do I Pay my Verizon prepaid?

If you sign-up for a prepaid plan, you need to pay every month to keep the plan current and active. Verizon offers several methods for you to make payments. Go to a Verizon Wireless Store, retailer or agent and make a payment in person.

Can I use any phone on Verizon prepaid plan?

Yes you can use ANY Verizon branded phone on prepaid. As log as it’s got a clean ESN / IMEI / MEID (in other words not reported lost or stolen to tied to an account that still owes money)then you’re good to go. 0 Likes

How do you activate a Verizon prepaid card?

You can activate the prepaid plan online or by calling. The online process is easy and efficient to complete. Head to the Verizon website and set up a My Verizon account if you don’t have one already. If you do have the account, log in to access your information.

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