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How do you maintain an air handler?

How do you maintain an air handler?

Air handler maintenance checklist

  1. Check the unit for noise and vibration.
  2. Clean filters.
  3. Drain and clean condensation pan.
  4. Lubricate and grease motor and blower bearing.
  5. Straighten coils with a fine comb.
  6. Check that the motor belt and pulley are working properly.
  7. Inspect wiring for damage or loose connections.

What is HVAC preventative maintenance?

The purpose of preventative maintenance is to keep your HVAC system up and running all season long with no surprise breakdowns, enabling you to begin the heating and cooling seasons with reliable and efficient service while operating at maximum efficiency.

What is Ahu servicing?

A large part of AHU maintenance involves cleaning these parts to prevent build up and growth of mould and bacteria. From time to time repairs may also be required within your system. The need for these, often small, routine repairs is most readily noticeable during unit maintenance.

How many types of AHU filters are there?

4 Types of HVAC Filters.

How many types of AHU are there?

There are basically two types of air handling unit that are in used and they are the “Draw-Through” or “Blow-Through”. In the Draw-Through type, the fan pulls the air through the mixing box, filters and cooling coil before discharging it from the fan outlet to the space to be conditioned or to the ducting network.

How do I maintain my HVAC system?

How to keep your HVAC system working like new

  1. Check and clean the condenser unit of leaves and debris.
  2. Check for proper refrigerant levels, adjust as required.
  3. Check the coil as well as the cabinet for dust and debris.
  4. Check the drain pan to see if there is anything obstructing the flow.

What are the parts of AHU?

The AHU is a large metal box containing separate ventilators for supply and exhaust, heating coil, cooling coil, heating/cooling recovery system, air filter racks or chambers, sound attenuators, mixing chamber, and dampers.

What is HEPA filter in AHU?

2-The differential pressure of HEPA filters are very high compared to filters (F7, F9 or PM1) in the last stage of AHU’s in comfort applications. In order to operate in the same air flows, it will be necessary to use much more filtration area in HEPA filters compared to standard AHU filters.

Which filter is used in AHU?

HEPA Filter HEPA filters offer the highest level of protection against a variety of airborne particles.

How to perform under preventive maintenance on an ahu?

5.2.1 Switch ‘OFF’ the main supply and display the ‘UNDER PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE’ board prominently on the front side of AHU. 5.2.2 Check all the nut & bolts of supply air filter plenum are properly fixed and tight. Check that no gap between supply air filter frame and filter plenum, tighten up the bolts/replace the gasket if required.

Why do you need a regular air handler maintenance schedule?

Since the AHU is the central unit that moves the air throughout the ductwork, it is important to make sure nothing obstructs the airflow through the air handler, such as dirty or clogged air filters. A regular air filter maintenance schedule will help you maintain good airflow through the duct system.

How to download HVAC maintenance procedures and schedules?

Now you can download complete package for HVAC maintenance works. We are providing editable method statements and procedures that can help you for conducting the planned maintenance of all hvac mechanical equipment’s and systems.

How to clean the inside of an ahu?

5.3.7 Switch ‘ON’ the main supply and check all sensors for its working. 5.4.1 Switch ‘OFF’ the main supply. 5.4.2 Open the doors of cooling coil section of the AHU. 5.4.3 Clean the surfaces of and cooling coil with the dry cloth. 5.4.4 Wash the inner surfaces of fins with the water.

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