Where is the airport in Strasbourg, France located?

Where is the airport in Strasbourg, France located?

Strasbourg Airport. Strasbourg Airport (French: Aéroport de Strasbourg) (German: Straßburg Flughafen) ( IATA: SXB, ICAO: LFST) is a minor international airport located in Entzheim and 10 km (6.2 miles) west-southwest of Strasbourg, both communes of the Bas-Rhin département in the Alsace région of France.

Is there a shuttle train to Strasbourg Airport?

Shuttle train stops at the airport up to 4 per hour , allowing you to be in Strasbourg station in 7 minutes! A covered pedestrian footbridge allows you to walk between the airport and the station platform.

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What was the name of the plane that crashed in Strasbourg?

Air Inter Flight 148, a flight inbound from Lyon, France, struck a mountain side near Mont St.Odile on 20 January 1992 on descent during the final leg of the approach for Strasbourg’s runway 05, killing 87 people. ^ a b LFST – Strasbourg Entzheim.

When did Ryanair stop flying to Strasbourg Airport?

In 2018 the airport served 1,297,177 passengers. There was a decline in traffic after Ryanair suspended service in 2004 after a court declared that the airline had received illegal subsidies from the airport.

Is there a train from Strasbourg to Strasbourg?

We recommend flying to Strasbourg (SXB) Airport, which is 9.7 km away from Strasbourg. The train from Strasbourg (SXB) to Strasbourg takes 12 min. Where can I stay near Strasbourg?

How long is the drive from Strasbourg to the centre of Strasbourg?

What is the distance from Strasbourg Airport to the centre of Strasbourg? Between Strasbourg Airport and the city centre (Place Kléber) lies about 17 kilometres / 10.6 miles, by car it takes 20 to 25 minutes to cover the distance. You can either go north (A351) or south (A35).

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