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Where do students see returned work in Google Classroom?

Where do students see returned work in Google Classroom?

Returning Student Work In the Stream click on the assignment title to view the assignment assessment screen. There the teacher can view student work and provide private comments on student work.

Why can’t I see my archived classes in Google Classroom?

Only teachers can archive or delete a class. If you want to remove a class from your homepage, you have to unenroll from a class. You can’t unenroll from an archived class. You won’t see this option if you don’t have any archived classes.

How do I retrieve deleted assignments in Google Classroom?

Unfortunately, that’s not currently possible in Google Classroom- once an item is deleted from the Classwork tab it cannot be retrieved. However, student work should still be in the Classroom folder on Drive.

Who can see private comments on Google classroom?


Can you schedule assignments in Google Classroom?

Next to the blue Assign button is a tiny triangle. Clicking on it gives you the option to “Schedule” or “Save draft.” Choose the date and time you want the assignment to post. I recommend you schedule assignments to post in the morning rather than assigning them the night before when you’re creating them.

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