How common are seizures with Cymbalta?

How common are seizures with Cymbalta?

Seizures are listed as a rare but serious side effect of Cymbalta, occurring in roughly 3 out of every 10,500 patients.

Can Cymbalta be used for seizures?

Our study demonstrates for the first time that duloxetine has significant anticonvulsant activity against convulsive seizures and seizure-related oxidative stress.

Does duloxetine lower seizure threshold?

Duloxetine and other SSRI’s appeared to have anticonvulsant properties at therapeutic doses and an incidence of <0.01% at supra-therapeutic doses. Clozapine among antipsychotics had the greatest cumulative risk of seizures at 10%. Clozapine and Olanzapine were also reported to cause changes on the EEG.

What are the contraindications of Cymbalta?

Who should not take CYMBALTA?

  • a disorder with excess antidiuretic hormone called syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone.
  • low amount of sodium in the blood.
  • an increased risk of bleeding.
  • manic behavior.
  • a form of mania that has a lower severity of symptoms.
  • manic-depression.
  • suicidal thoughts.
  • alcoholism.

What drugs decrease seizure threshold?

Medications that lower seizure threshold include the antidepressant and nicotinic antagonist bupropion, the atypical opioid analgesics tramadol and tapentadol, reserpine, theophylline, antibiotics (Fluoroquinolones, imipenem, penicillins, cephalosporins, metronidazole, isoniazid) and volatile anesthetics.

Why you should not take Cymbalta?

Most people experience side effects with Cymbalta and one in six people stop taking the drug because of them. Severe skin reactions and urinary retention have also been reported with Cymbalta. An increased risk of suicidal thoughts, especially in young adults under the age of 24 (similar to other antidepressants).

Can you lose weight while taking Cymbalta?

As with the 2006 analysis, the researchers found that in the short-term, those taking Cymbalta experienced modest weight loss, on average, compared with those taking placebo. In the longer-term, Cymbalta caused modest weight loss in some trials but modest weight gain in others.

Is there a link between Cymbalta and seizures?

Re: Seizures and Cymbalta. Cymbalta can absolutely cause seizures. In fact, if you check the list of side effects for pretty much all SNRI’s (like Cymbalta) and all SSRI’s (Prozac, Paxil, etc., etc., etc.,), they all list seizures as a potential side effect. In addition to seizures, my daughter had many of the other horrifying side…

Are there any side effects to taking Cymbalta?

Some notice these effects after they have been on Cymbalta for a while, whereas others report these effects on discontinuation. People who already have a seizure disorder may be at greater risk of having a seizure while taking Cymbalta.

How is Cymbalta used to treat depression and anxiety?

Treatment of Depression, Anxiety, and Chronic Pain. Used to treat depression and anxiety, Cymbalta is also approved to relieve pain caused by nerve damage, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and lower back injury. Cymbalta works to rebalance certain chemicals in the brain that are connected with depression, anxiety and pain.

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