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Does Pantene still accept hair donations?

Does Pantene still accept hair donations?

Hair donations will no longer be accepted after December 31, 2018. Through the passion and generosity of donors all over the US and Canada, we are pleased to share that we are able and committed to meet the future real-hair wig needs of the American and Canadian Cancer Societies for the next four years.

How do I donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths?

Simply take your ponytail, place in an envelope (a zip-lock bag works well), and mail to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, Attn: 192-123, 43 Butterfield Trail Suite A, El Paso, TX 79906. If you would like acknowledgment for your donation, include your full name and return address with your hair donation.

Does Pantene Beautiful Lengths charge for wigs?

Wigs are free, and children also receive the products, brushes, towels and instruction needed to care for them. Children get to pick the color and length of their custom-fitted hairpieces, up to 14 inches, and each wig is cut and styled on the child’s head.

How many inches of hair do you need to donate to Pantene?

8 inches
Measure the length of the ponytail from the elastic band to the tips, making sure it’s at least 8 inches long. Donations shorter than 8 inches will not be used, because this is too short for making a wig. If your hair is not 8 inches, continue growing it out.

Does Locks of Love give free wigs?

Locks of Love doesn’t charge kids for the wigs — but they do sometimes sell the hair if it’s too short or grey. Once I dug into why, though, it made sense. “Shorter hair will be separated from the ponytails and sold to offset the manufacturing costs.

What is the best charity to donate hair?

The Best Places to Donate Hair. Though there are many places to donate, three particular organizations are well-known and well-loved: Pantene Beautiful Lengths, Locks of Love, and Wigs for Kids. Locks of Love and Wigs for Kids are non-profit organizations that meet the standards for the Better Business Bureau .

What is the best hair donation organization?

The top six hair donation organizations, as far as popularity and impact, include: Locks of Love. Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Wigs for Kids. Child Leukemia Foundation. Hair We Share. Children With Hair Loss.

Can you donate 6 inches of hair?

Many think that they cannot donate their hair due to length, treatment, coloring, or gray hair. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide so that no matter what kind of hair you have to donate, if it’s 6 inches long (yes, just SIX inches long!) or longer, you can donate your hair!

How do you donate hair?

Be sure to check with the charity you would like to donate) Prior to your haircut, the portion of your hair that you want to donate, has to be in a ponytail or braid. Hair must be clean and placed in a plastic bag before mailing it to your charity. For some charities, perms and colored hair are permissible.

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