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Who is the owner of Maple Leaf cement?

Who is the owner of Maple Leaf cement?

Saigol Group
Maple Leaf Cement/Parent organizations

Which is the best cement in Pakistan?

Portland & fly ash cement is among some eco-friendly concrete materials, which also happens to be the best types of cement in Pakistan. The mixture contains up to 30 percent fly ash, and the rest of it is usually Portland cement, which we also know as ordinary cement.

Which is the largest cement plant in Pakistan?

D.G. Khan Cement Company Limited
D.G. Khan Cement Company Limited, (DGKCC) is amongst largest the cement manufacturers of Pakistan with a production capacity of 22,400 tons per day (6.72 million tons/annum). DGKCC has four cement plants, two plants located at Dera Ghazi Khan, one at Khairpur Distt.

Where is cement made in Pakistan?

DG Cement is a Pakistani building materials company which is owned by Nishat Group. It is the largest cement manufacturer of Pakistan with a production capacity of 14,000 tons per day. The company has three active plants which are present in Khairpur, Chakwal, Dera Ghazi Khan and Hub, Balochistan.

Which country is called Land of Maple Leaf?

The maple leaf is the characteristic leaf of the maple tree. It is the most widely recognized national symbol of Canada.

Which is the No 1 cement in Pakistan?

Askari Cement Limited

Sr. No. Name Of Unit As on June 2020
1 Askari Cement Limited – Wah 1,050,000
2 Askari Cement Limited – Nizampur 1,620,000
3 Attock Cement Pakistan – Hub Chowki, Lasbela 2,852,857
4 Bestway Cement Limited – Hattar 1,170,000

Who owns Lucky Pakistan?

the Yunus Brothers Group
Its symbol in the KSE is ‘LUCK’. The company’s highest share price was PKR 1043.50, in May 2017 Lucky Cement is a part of one of the largest business groups in Pakistan, the Yunus Brothers Group….Lucky Cement.

Type Public
Founder Abdul Razzak Tabba M. Yunus Tabba (Chairman) Muhammad Ali Tabba (CEO)
Headquarters Karachi , Pakistan

What is the price of cement in Pakistan?

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Cement Company Price per 50KG Bag
Lucky Cement Rs. 590 – 600
Maple Leaf Cement Rs. 615 – 630
Bestway Cement Rs. 595 – 600
Fauji Cement Rs. 595- 600

Which country is famous for maple trees?

Maple trees are grown in abundance in Canada. With more than 13 varieties of maple trees, Canada boasts of the reddish golden forest cover, that looks stunning and eternally gorgeous. So, the answer of which country is known as the land of maple leaf becomes quite obvious and evident, with this fact.

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