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How do I reset my move anything addon?

How do I reset my move anything addon?

3 Answers. You can reset to the default UI by deleting your “WTF” folder in the World of Warcraft programs directory. The folder will automatically regenerate the next time you launch the game. The folder contains all custom settings, so you will be reset to the base game.

How do you use the Move anything addon?

Interacting with the movers:

  1. Left-Drag – moves frame.
  2. Left-Drag the small buttons – scales frame.
  3. Right-Click – stops moving frame.
  4. Shift Right-Click – toggles visibility of the mover, while still allowing modifications to the frame.
  5. Mousewheel – adjusts alpha blend.
  6. Control-Click – opens a frame editor.

How do I move the extra action button?

A very simple addon that allows you to move your Extra Action Button and Extra Power Bar Alt anywhere on the screen. Commands: Typing /eab or /eabmove in-game shows a movable box for 15 seconds allowing you to place it anywhere on the screen. This is where your extra action button will show the next time it is enabled.

How do you move a cast bar?

When the casting bar is visable drag it to where u want it relocated, then lock your frames back up and there you go.

Can you move quest tracker wow?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been frustrated with the quest tracker because you can’t move it, and if you have a UI addon like Dominos or Bartender and you want to set up a vertical action bar on the right side, the action bar obscures the right side of the quest tracker, making it so you can’t click the quest …

How do I reset my UI in World of Warcraft?

Here’s how to reset WOW’s user interface

  1. Exit World of Warcraft.
  2. In the desktop app > go to Options > select Show in Explorer.
  3. Open the World of Warcraft folder.
  4. Rename the Cache, Interface, and WTF folders to CacheOld, InterfaceOld, and WTFOld.
  5. Launch World of Warcraft again so as to enable the changes.

How do you move the boss button?

Right click on the area around the button to make it movable, then drag it to where you want and right click again to lock it in place.

Where is the extra action button 1 wow?

The Extra Action Button is an added ability given to the player during an event, a quest, or a zone. A large icon appears at the bottom-middle of the screen and one can either click it or if possible, drag it into the action bar.

How do I turn off Blizzard cast bar?

There is a choice to disable the Blizzard bar under the player tab.

How do I bring up the Questie?

All you need to do is download the app here, log in with your Twitch username, and navigate to Mods. Once you’ve chosen Mods, select World of Warcraft, choose Get More Addons, and search Questie. Click Install and you should be ready to go. Make sure to reset your game and you’re done.

Is ElvUI Update for Shadowlands?

Whether you’re a brand new player or one returning from a long hiatus, the ElvUI team has you covered for Shadowlands with a completely updated version of ElvUI, a comprehensive UI replacement.

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