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Where can I swim near Montreal?

Where can I swim near Montreal?

Jean-Doré Beach. A golden sandy beach located just minutes away from downtown?

  • Parc-nature du Cap-Saint-Jacques.
  • Pointe-Calumet Beach.
  • Clock Tower Beach at the Old Port of Montréal.
  • Verdun Beach.
  • La plage de l’Est.
  • Plage de Saint-Zotique.
  • RécréoParc.
  • Is it safe to swim in Montreal?

    The city of Montreal says the water is usually safe for swimming and is tested frequently. But chemicals from an industrial past linger in the sediment and heavy rains flush raw sewage into the river. The lake water at one time was clear and popular with swimmers.

    Does Montreal have any beaches?

    In Montreal, there are over 15 beaches. Some of the best beaches near Montreal city are Oka Beach, Clock Tower Beach, Saint-Zotique Beach, Pointe-Calumet Beach, Saint Timothee Beach, and Jean-Dore Beach.

    Is the Parc National d Oka in Montreal?

    Park national d’Oka is not far from Montréal. This park has a rich historical and natural heritage. The Calvaire, with its four oratories and three chapels, is a unique complex of historic buildings in America. In Grande Baie and Rivière aux Serpents, land and water come together to give birth to ecological jewels: the wetlands.

    Is there an Oka National Park in Canada?

    A bit of a different experience that one might be used to compared to the big national parks in Canada or the smaller ones in Quebec, but there is still a nice beauty to this park.

    What to do at Oka Beach in Montreal?

    Oka National Park isn’t just a beach to sit by the water. At Oka Beach you can enjoy pedal boats, kayaking, canoeing, and great views of Lake of Two Mountains, or Lac des Deux Montagnes in French. One way to get to Oka Beach is by ferry boat from Hudson to make it the perfect outing.

    Where to rent a boat in Parc National d Oka?

    Rental available by the hour or half day at the boating rental centre. Reservation at 450-479-8365. From wetlands to mature forests, Parc national d’Oka has a variety of habitats ideal for the wildlife typical of Southern Québec. Slip into your hiking shoes; now it’s up to you to discover it as you explore the park!

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