What war is similar to the Iraq war?

What war is similar to the Iraq war?

Zinni has noted a similarity between Iraq and Vietnam because in both cases overall military strategy is flawed: “Some strategic mistakes are very similar,” and in both cases the White House is trying to “draw the American people into support of the war by cooking the books.

What decision did Obama make regarding US involvement in Afghanistan quizlet?

President Karzai and President Obama signed a contract that the United States would support and train troops in Afghanistan. After the death of Osama bin Laden, America and other countries felt involvement in Afghanistan was over.

Which president ended the Iraq war?

This build-up gave greater control to Iraq’s government and military, and was judged a success by many. In 2008, President Bush agreed to a withdrawal of all US combat troops from Iraq. The withdrawal was completed under President Barack Obama in December 2011.

Why is the Vietnam War still relevant today?

Unfortunately, the Vietnam War may offer important lessons for today which are worthy of serious contemplation. The policy of containment led the United States into a wide array of conflicts ranging from Korea to Vietnam, and whose legacy is still with us in the economic embargo of Cuba and a destabilized Afghanistan.

What hardships did US soldiers face during the Vietnam War?

The US military did little to combat drug abuse until 1971. 1. Soldiers on both sides faced many difficulties and challenges during the Vietnam War – including climate, terrain, the complex political situation and unclear military objectives.

What war was going on in 1987?

The Iran-Iraq War was devastating—the largest and longest conventional interstate war since the Korean conflict ended in 1953.

Why did President Obama increase the number of troops in Afghanistan quizlet?

President Obama increased the level of U.S. troops in Afghanistan in an effort to stabilize the country and revitalize its development.

What was the War Powers Act of 1973 quizlet?

a- The War Powers Act of 1973 was an act that checked and limit the power of the president by requiring the approval of congress to put American troops in combat areas. This act has placed a natural check on the power of the president and therefore, raising the power of the legislative branch.

Why did the US lose the war in Vietnam?

America “lost” South Vietnam because it was an artificial construct created in the wake of the French loss of Indochina. Because there never was an “organic” nation of South Vietnam, when the U.S. discontinued to invest military assets into that construct, it eventually ceased to exist.

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