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What is the Register com?

What is the Register com?

The Register is a British technology news website co-founded in 1994 by Mike Magee, John Lettice and Ross Alderson. The online newspaper’s masthead sublogo is “Biting the hand that feeds IT.” Their primary focus is information technology news and opinions.

How do I register a .com domain name?

How to Register a Domain Name

  1. Find a domain name registrar.
  2. Search for your domain name.
  3. Finalize your domain name choice.
  4. Choose a domain name suffix, such as .com or . net.
  5. Purchase the domain name.
  6. Add Domain ID protection.

Is Register com part of web com?

In 2010 was acquired by for about $135 million.

Has Register com been hacked?

The intrusion occurred in late August 2019, but the companies said they became aware of the breach on October 16, 2019. After its investigation, stated that attackers accessed nearly 22 million records of current and former users of Network Solutions,, and accounts.

What are the examples of register?

An example of a register is a listing of people married in a specific church. Register is defined as to sign up, sign in or enroll. An example of to register is to fill out the necessary paperwork to be able to vote. An example of to register is to sign up for a class.

What is a domain name example?

A domain name (often simply called a domain) is an easy-to-remember name that’s associated with a physical IP address on the Internet. For instance, the domain name might translate to the physical address 198.102. 434.8. Other examples of domain names are and

What is a register English?

Register often refers to the degree of formality of language, but in a more general sense it means the language used by a group of people who share similar work or interests, such as doctors or lawyers. Teachers often divide functional language into three working categories, formal, neutral and informal.

Can I own my domain name?

You may not be the legal owner. Whoever is the legal owner of your domain name, that person has total control over it including – what Web site it points to, what domain name registrar maintains it, changing information about your domain name account, controlling who administers it, and being able to sell it.

Where is Register com located?

Type of site Subsidiary of
Headquarters Jacksonville, FL, US
Key people Larry Kutscher, CEO and President
Industry Domain name registrar
Products Web services

Is Register com the same as Network Solutions?

Both Network Solutions and are owned by Network Solutions is now the world’s fifth-largest domain name registrar, with almost seven million domains in its stable, according to; listed at #17 with 1.7 million domains.

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