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What was the history of the Deutsch drahthaar?

What was the history of the Deutsch drahthaar?

History of the Deutsch-Drahthaar. The Deutsch-Drahthaar was created in Germany in the late 19th century by a small group of dedicated breeders who set out to develop a versatile hunting dog that would satisfy all aspects of German hunting in field, forest, and water.

Is the Deutsch drahthaar a friendly hunting dog?

Along with being consummate gun dogs, this breed is generally very personable with people and makes a pleasant family companion animal, although they can be less than friendly with other canines. The Deutsch Drahthaar was developed in Germany during the early 20 th century as an all-around hunting dog.

How tall is a full grown Deutsch-drahthaar dog?

These ancestors included the Stichelhaar, Pudelpointer, Griffon, and the Deutsch-Kurzhaar. The Deutsch-Drahthaar is a mid-sized, substantial dog. The height at shoulder varies from around 61 to 68 cm for males, and 57 to 64 cm for females.

What kind of body does a Deutsch drahthaar have?

They typically have broad hips and particularly strong and muscular thighs and their rounded feet are also webbed for improved swimming ability. Deutsch Drahthaar dogs tend to have a flat, wide skull with a long, strong muzzle with a slight Roman nose, a powerful jaw, and somewhat larger teeth than average.

Why are German Wirehaired pointers referred to as drahthaar?

This principle is still upheld today, with registered breeders following a tradition of required performance and physical evaluation for all of the dogs used in the breeding program. Many breeders of the German Wirehaired Pointer (GWP) errantly refer to their breed as Drahthaar.

What kind of eyes does a Deutsch drahthaar have?

They also have darkly colored oval eyes, medium-length rounded ears which are typically set high and wide on the skull and hang down to the sides, and a wide-nostril nose that is colored to match their coat.

What kind of dog is a drahthaar dog?

Deutscher Drahthaariger, Vorstehhund, Drahthaar. The Deutsch Drahthaar is a medium-sized sporting dog that was developed for their all-around hunting prowess.

What are the requirements for a Deutsch drahthaar dog?

All dogs used in the VDD/GNA breeding program must meet certain standards in natural hunting ability, temperament, and coat and conformation. The Deutsch-Drahthaar Breed Standard represents the practical aspects of conformation and coat.

Is the Deutsch-Kurzhaar the same as the drahthaar?

They started from the same bloodline, including such breeds as the Pudelpointer, Griffon, and the Deutsch-Kurzhaar. And in order for us to fully understand, we must go back the beginning and we should say, distinctively, when there was only one such thing as a Deutsch-Drahthaar.

What’s the difference between German Wirehaired Pointer and Deutsch-drahthaar?

To put it all simply: the two breeds — the Deutsch-Drahthaar and the German wirehaired pointer — are subject to different rules. Now as far as the credibility behind each dog in casual bar conversations . . . that’s a whole other topic.

Is the Deutsch drahthaar a good hunting dog?

The Inner Deutsch Drahthaar Temperament. The Drahthaar is a great hunting dog, it has endurance, intelligence, commitment, drive and is a hard worker. But it can also be a great companion at the end of the day, calm, loyal, protective and even affectionate. It can adjust to different living situations and is not aggressive for no reason.

What kind of health problems does the Deutsch drahthaar have?

The Deutsch Drahthaar is prone to several health conditions. These include Von Willebrand’s disease type 2, canine hip dysplasia, and heart disease. The former is a blood disorder that is common in many dog breeds.

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