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Is the Mamiya RB67 worth it?

Is the Mamiya RB67 worth it?

The Mamiya RB67 sets the standard for an affordable 6×7 medium format film camera. If you’ve never shot 120, it’s an incredible experience. Think of it like an all manual 35mm film camera that has so much more perceived resolution when viewing two photos at the same size, you’ll never want to go back.

Is the Mamiya RB67 fully mechanical?

Mamiya RB67 Pro SD Overview The RB67 Pro SD is a complete mechanical SLR camera system which accepts interchangeable viewfinders, interchangeable multi-format film backs which can be rotated and a comprehensive list of lenses and accessories.

What mount is the Mamiya RB67?

Lens Mount: Mamiya RB67 Mount SLR Lens
Body Mount: Sony Alpha A-Mount (and Minolta AF) Mount SLR Camera
Manufacturer: Fotodiox Inc.
Warranty: 24 Months

What lenses work on RB67?

The only L lenses are the 75mm Shift lens and 500mm APO lens.

  • 37mm f/4.5C Fisheye (9 elements in 6 groups) filter holder (f/32 to 4.5)
  • 50mm f/4.5 (11 elements in 8 groups) 77mm filter (f/32 to 4.5, slip on hood)
  • 50mm f/4.5C (11 elements in 8 groups) 77mm filter (f/32 to 4.5, slip on hood)

How many shots does a Mamiya RB67 have?

You get 10 6X7 exposures on one roll.

Why is the Mamiya RZ67 so expensive?

Its small size, great lenses and lower numbers keep the price high. The fact that digital medium format is also very expensive compared to digital FF also means that people who like medium format also keep the market very active.

What does a Pentax 67 weigh?


Pentax 6×7 Pentax 67II
Battery 4LR44 / PX28 2x CR123A
Battery ext Yes No
Dimensions 184x101x91mm 185x108x92mm
Weight 1.29kg 1.21kg

Do RZ67 lenses work on RB67?

RZ67 lenses have an electronic shutter and can not be used on the fully mechanical RB67. There is no way to control the shutter speed. If you find RZ67 lenses more desirable you will need to get an RZ67 body and use your RB67 lenses on the RZ. That is the way Mamiya designed the system.

Can RZ67 use RB67 lens?

In RBL compatibility mode, the RZ67 is able to use RB67 lenses. The biggest difference between RB67 and RZ67 is that the RB67 is completely mechanical. The RZ67 has also mechanical couplings between the parts, but the shutter is electronic, and parts are able to transmit exposure information with electronic couplings.

How many frames is 6×9?

A 6×4.5 camera allows 16 frames per roll, 6×6 provides 12, 6×7 gives 10, and 6×9 allows you 8 shots. With 6×17 you get usually get 3. The area of the image is much bigger than 35mm, giving you more detail and much less grain.

What do you need to know about the Mamiya RB67?

Perusing this manual before attempting to use the RB67 will assist in correct camera operation and will minimize the possibility of malfunctions. The Mamiya RB67 is one member of a unique “camera family” developed by the Mamiya Camera Company, a recognized world leader in large-format photography.

Is the Mamiya RZ67 a 35mm camera?

The Mamiya RZ67 is a modular camera, with many accessories, including viewfinders, different backs for shooting 6×7, 6×6, 6×4.5, and various focusing screens. When you compare the negative size with a 35mm camera, it becomes obvious it’s ‘no contest’. You can actually view contact prints without a loupe!

Can you use Mamiya RZ67 pro on Nikon F4s?

Mamiya RZ67 Pro and Mamiya RB67 are sort of the same camera. But not really. While there are a few RB lenses you can use on the RZ, you cannot mount RZ lenses on an RB camera. And heavy? Uhh, a Nikon F4s with all batteries loaded, is about 1430 g.

What was the original name of the camera RB67?

The naming of the camera RB67 stood for R otating B ack 6 × 7 . The RB67 was originally designed to supplement the Mamiya C series 6 × 6 TLR system and the multi-format Mamiya Press rangefinder camera system (6 × 4.5, 6 × 7, 6 × 9, others) but has surpassed them in popularity.

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