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How do you type a no break space?

How do you type a no break space?

Non-breaking spaces are easy to add. The quickest way is to press Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar (or on a Mac, type Option+Spacebar). Alternatively, you can select ‘Non-breaking Space’ from the Insert>Special Characters menu.

What is the tag for non-breaking space?

Non-breaking space
In Unicode U+00A0 NO-BREAK SPACE (HTML   ·  , &NonBreakingSpace )
See also U+0020 SPACE (HTML · Note: Representations here of a regular space are replaced with a no-break space) Other types of spaces

How do you make a non-breaking space in HTML?

HTML Non-Breaking Space ( ) The simplest way to add a space in HTML (besides hitting the spacebar) is with the non-breaking space entity, written as   or  .

How do you hard space in Excel?

To insert a non-breaking space in Word or Excel:

  1. press Ctrl + Shift + Space (Microsoft Word only)
  2. press Alt + 0160.
  3. on the Insert ribbon, click Symbols, then More Symbols. On the Special Characters tab, click Nonbreaking Space, then Insert.

What is the difference between &NBSP and Br?

13 Answers. One is non-breaking space and the other is a regular space. A non-breaking space means that the line should not be wrapped at that point, just like it wouldn’t be wrapped in the middle of a word.

What is the tag for list item?


  • HTML
  • element is used to represent an item in a list. It must be contained in a parent element: an ordered list (

      ), an unordered list (

        ), or a menu ( ). In menus and unordered lists, list items are usually displayed using bullet points.

    Where is no break in InDesign?

    Pressing “Ctrl-T” opens the Character panel; from the flyout menu at the panel’s top right corner, you should select “No Break.” Unless you change that setting, the text to which you’ve applied it stays together, even if it might look better if you allowed it to break.

    How do you half space in Adobe?

    To add space between selected words, press Alt+Ctrl+\ (Windows) or Option+Command+\ (Mac OS). To remove space between selected words, press Alt+Ctrl+Backspace (Windows) or Option+Command+Delete (Mac OS).

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