What are high expansion foams used for?

What are high expansion foams used for?

High Expansion foam is suitable for use in combating fires in buildings, process areas, warehouses, and aircraft hangar systems. High expansion foam systems can be used for protection of LNG storage areas by quickly blanketing the flammable liquid surface and helping to control vapor release.

Does high expansion foam have Pfas?

High-Expansion Foam is used in fighting Class-A, Class-B, and LNG fires both indoors and outdoors. Fluoroprotein Foam is produced using PFAS. The PFAS chemicals are not PFOA or PFOS. However, in earlier fluoroprotein foams, PFOA and PFOS may have been present in low levels.

Is high expansion foam toxic?

High expansion foams have an environmental value as well. The environmental impact of the fluorocarbon surfactant used in some firefighting foams has been criticized in recent years. High expansion foams do not contain this surfactant and are overall low in toxicity.

What is the ratio of high expansion foam?

High-expansion foams are those that expand in ratios of over 100:1. Most systems produce expansion ratios of from 400:1 to 1000:1.

Why is there high expansion foam in engine room?

High Expansion is mostly used on dry product fires or enclosed areas to drawn large volume surfaces and fill cavities such as warehouse, cellars, aircraft hangar or engine/pump rooms aboard ships. Less water used produces a very large amount of foam in a short time, resulting in fire extinguishment by smothering.

Is Afff high expansion?

High expansion foam is generated through high expansion foam generators or high expansion fire extinguishing systems using the inside air technique. BIOEX high quality synthetic fluorine-free foam (F3) and fluorinated (AFFF and AR-AFFF) foam concentrates are approved APSAD R12, EN1568, NFPA, UL, IMO.

What spray foam expands the most?

Q. Which expanding foam expands the most? High expansion foam expands the most. It’s capable of expanding 200 to 300 times the liquid size, while low expansion foam can only expand up to 30 times its liquid size.

What is high expansion foam?

High expansion (HI-EX) foam agents, also called detergent foams or multipurpose synthetic foams, are typically based upon fatty alcohols, alkyl sulphates and butyl carbitol. As the name suggests they expand at high ratios to quickly form voluminous foam for specific applications in extinguishing and vapour suppression.

Which is a two dimensional fire?

The two- dimensional Fire code is a two-dimensional cyclic code designed for single twodimensional burst correction. Several important properties such as the burst-correcting capability and the positions of the check symbols are presented. Also, encoding and decoding methods are pre- sented.

What is the difference between low expansion foam and high expansion foam?

LOW EXPANSION FOAM: Foam aerated to an expansion ratio of between 2 to 1 and 20 to 1. HIGH EXPANSION FOAM: Expansion ratio above 200 to 1. DILUTION RATE, MIXING RATE, OR PROPORTIONING RATE (correct amount of foam concentrate to be mixed with water): The amount is normally shown on the pail or drum of concentrate.

Which of the following is an advantage of high expansion foams?

High-expansion foam can fill up spaces from the ground up, providing the coverage needed for higher-level fires or three- dimensional fires.

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