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What is my Genisys routing number?

What is my Genisys routing number?

2724 8390 5
Genisys’ Routing and Transit Number: 2724 8390 5 Write down your new account number as soon as you receive it.

Is Genisys a credit union?

Learn Why Genisys is the Credit Union For You. With 32 locations, 30,000 fee-free ATMs, a full service contact center, mobile and online banking, Genisys has the financial products and services to help you.

Where is the nearest Genisys Credit Union?

Genisys® Credit Union Genisys Branch

  • Auburn Hills Branch. 2100 Executive Hills Blvd.
  • Pontiac Branch. 44400 Woodward Ave.
  • Rochester Hills – Crooks Branch. 2881 Crooks Rd.
  • Orion Branch. 4055 S.
  • Waterford Walton Branch. 2960 W.
  • Rochester Hills Branch. 1611 S.
  • Waterford Dixie Branch. 4416 Dixie Hwy.
  • Clarkston – Sashabaw Rd. Branch.

How long does Genisys Mobile Deposit take?

Funds will generally be available no later than seven (7) Business Days after the day of your deposit. Remote deposits made on opportunity checking accounts will automatically be placed on a 5 business day hold.

How do I unlock my Genisys Credit Union account?

If you get locked out for an invalid username or password, you can use the Forgot Password link from the login screen to go through the process of validating some information on your account to unlock your account right away.

Who owns Genisys Credit Union?

CO-OP Network
In addition, Genisys belongs to the CO-OP Network which provides its members access to over 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs and 5,000 Shared Branch locations. The organization is a federally insured state-chartered credit union that is regulated by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

Can you deposit cash at any credit union?

If your credit union is part of the shared branching network (formerly known as CU Service Centers), you can complete most routine transactions from anywhere, including: Make deposits at any credit union that’s part of the network. Withdraw cash from a teller or ATM. Make loan payments.

What states have Genisys Credit Union?

Genisys Credit Union is a credit union based in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Genisys Credit Union is the 5th largest credit union in Michigan with over 210,000 members and assets of 2.6 billion as of October 31, 2018. They operate 28 branch locations in Michigan, 3 in Minnesota and 1 in Pennsylvania.

What is my credit union routing number?

311991484 is a routing number of MY CREDIT UNION. Check detailed information about 311991484. This bank routing number is required for electronic funds transfer. Bank routing number of MY CREDIT UNION is the first nine digits of the number along the bottom left section of your check.

What is the routing number for GE Credit Union?

General Electric Credit Union’s routing number (the leftmost number on the bottom of a check) is 242076821.

What is the Credit Union’s routing?

Routing Number California Credit Union’s routing number is 322078464 (the previous number used by members of North Island Credit Union will continue)

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