How do you write a professional development plan for a teacher?

How do you write a professional development plan for a teacher?

There are 9 steps to completing a PDP:

  1. Assess where you are now.
  2. Identify your specific career goals.
  3. Gather information.
  4. Identify what professional skills you already have and which you need to work on.
  5. Choose how you will accomplish your goals.
  6. Develop a timeline for accomplishing your specific targets and goals.

What is professional development in technology?

Professional development utilizing technology should involve learning content in context and modeling pedagogically appropriate methods. This may include initial face-to-face professional development to learn new software applications and to develop shared understanding of goals for student learning.

Why is technology professional development important for teachers?

It facilitates learning, gamifies difficult lessons, and helps teachers create more-efficient lesson plans. However, learning how to use all of these technologies can be a difficult process, especially as more apps, software, and equipment are introduced.

Why is professional development important in technology in classrooms?

Professional development programs allow teachers to share experiences. They help educators learn from each others’ success and failure. Living in a high-tech world, students need their teachers to be able to live up to the challenge.

Which is the best professional development program for teachers?

To assist the professional development process for both teachers and IT professionals, Digital Promise, in conjunction with Google, has established a new program called the Dynamic Learning Project to help introduce new education technology into the classroom.

What are the areas of Technology Professional Development?

These areas are designed to engage participants in hands-on activities that teach twenty-first-century skills. The emphasis in makerspaces is placed upon educating students in STEAM (science, technology, the arts, engineering, and mathematics) subjects as well as digital and information literacy.

How to develop technology staff in a school?

1. Develop a staff development subcommittee as part of the school technology committee with representatives from all departments, grade levels, the district office, and administration, and include outside experts, technicians, and students. 2. Demonstrate some examples of how technology can be used in the classroom. Then ask your staff for input.

What should be included in a professional development plan?

Your professional development plan strategies define how you will achieve your goals. You should list a variety of approaches, including experiential learning (learning through doing), exposure (learning from others), education and reflection.

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