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Did Kakai Bautista and Mario Maurer relationship?

Did Kakai Bautista and Mario Maurer relationship?

Half a year later in March 2013, Bautista shared in detail her relationship with Maurer in a “Showbiz Inside Report” interview, turning tearful about their unexpected friendship. Notably, in December 2019 on “Tonight with Boy Abunda,” Bautista revealed that their communication suddenly stopped.

What is the issue between Kakai Bautista and Mario Maurer?

Actress Kakai Bautista responds to allegations made by Mario Maurer’s camp. Kakai Bautista’s camp on Tuesday, March 30 denied allegations made by the supposed management of Thai actor Mario Maurer against the actress-comedienne.

Who is wife of Mario Maurer?

Thai superstar Mario Maurer is reportedly dating a Filipino-Thai actress-model. According to a report by Pang Masa entertainment editor Salve Asis, Mario’s girlfriend is Junji Gai-A (Junji Junp on Instagram) who was born to a Thai father and Filipino mother.

What is the relationship between Erich Gonzales and Mario Maurer?

Erich Gonzales was once close to International Thai actor Mario Maurer. They have a film together entitled ‘Suddenly It’s Magic’ that was directed by Rory Quintos in 2012. Mario stayed in the Philippine and made known how hospitable the Philippine showbiz industry was to welcome and accommodate the international star.

What did Kakai Bautista say about Mario Maurer?

Actress Kakai Bautista responds to allegations made by Mario Maurer’s camp. While her lawyer questions the legality of the statement from Mario’s camp, they say Kakai will ‘totally dissociate herself’ from the Thai actor

What did Marfil Maurer say about Mario Maurer?

Marfil countered Mario’s camp’s demands, and “formally demanded for the alleged Attorney of Mr. Maurer’s agency and/or any of their representatives/agents to cease and desist in making any and all unfounded and malicious claims against our Client.”

Who is the actress that Mario Maurer is dating?

Uh-oh. Actress Kakai Bautista is currently the topic of conversation after Mario Maurer ‘s camp reportedly sent her agency a legal letter asking her to stop “attaching herself” to him.

What was the letter from Mario Maurer’s camp?

In a statement furnished to Pep, Kakai’s lawyer Jude Marfil questioned the validity of the March 22 letter supposedly from Mario’s camp as it was only “forwarded through email, does not bear any letterhead, mailing address, and contact number.”

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