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What are Army broadening assignments?

What are Army broadening assignments?

Broadening assignments allow officers to expand their capabilities and understanding through experiences in and outside of the Army. Through experiences or education, officers immerse themselves in different organizational cultures and environments.

What are the Signal Corps competencies?

The core competencies are—DODIN operations, network transport and information services, spectrum management operations, and visual information operations. COMSEC is an essential capability of signal support, but not considered a core competency.

What is a 948b in the army?

The Electronic Systems Maintenance Warrant Officer manages personnel, equipment, and facility assets for the installation, operation, repair, maintenance, and modification of radio, radar, computer, electronic data processing, controlled cryptographic items, television, fiber optical, radiological and related …

What is a 90A in the army?

90A MOS. Serves as the logistics officer responsible for planning and developing logistic operations.

Is master gunner a broadening assignment?

Broadening assignments exist for Ranger-qualified Soldiers within the Armor School and Ranger Training Brigades. Master Gunner: You will be assigned to organizations in accordance with your Master Gunner qualifications and experience. Broadening assignments exists within the CTCs, AC/RC and the Armor School.

What are operational assignments?

Examples of operational assignments are serving as platoon leaders and company commanders. Examples of developmental assignments are serving as company executive officers, specialty platoon leaders, staff assignments, etc. The third type the Army calls “broadening” opportunities.

What do Signal Corps officers do?

As a Signal Officer, you’ll lead the Signal Corps, which is responsible for the Army’s entire systems of communication. You’ll maintain the Army’s voice, data and information systems, make tactical decisions, and engage Signal Soldiers at all levels of command.

What do signal brigades do?

A signals brigade is a specialised form of military brigade dedicated to providing communications. Other brigades might have a signals component, but a signals brigade is a brigade dedicated to information and communication support (ICS) for both operational and administrative functions.

Is recruiting a broadening assignment?

Broadening assignments include, Drill Sergeant, Recruiter, O/C at one of three CTCs, AC/RC, and Instructor. Broadening assignments include Project Warrior, Drill Sergeant, O/C, AC/RC, and Instructor.

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