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How many units is a follistim cartridge?

How many units is a follistim cartridge?

Follistim AQ cartridge is a prefilled, premixed recombinant gonadotropin. Packaged in 300 IU (international units), 600 IU and 900 IU cartridges, the Follistim Pen allows the user to dial a specific dose in 25 IU increments from 50 IU to 450 IU per subcutaneous injection.

How many doses are in a follistim pen?

BD Micro-FineTM pen needle. Low injection volume. Dosage flexibility from 50 IU to 450 IU in 25-IU dosing increments.

How much is follistim 300 IU?


Follistim AQ 300 IU cartridge $309.00
Follistim AQ 600 IU cartridge $618.00
Follistim AQ 900 IU cartridge $927.00
Ganirelix 250 mcg pre-filled syringe $92.00

How much follistim should I take?

Follistim® AQ injection: Adults—150 to 225 international units (IU) once a day injected under the skin or into a muscle. Your doctor may increase your dose as needed. However, the dose is usually not more than 600 IU per day. Children—Use is not recommended.

Does follistim make you gain weight?

Rarely, serious OHSS causes fluid to suddenly build up in the stomach, chest, and heart area. Seek immediate medical attention if you develop the following side effects: severe pain or swelling in the lower abdominal (pelvic) area, nausea/vomiting, sudden/rapid weight gain, or a change in the amount of urine.

How many days do you take follistim?

A starting daily dose of 50 international units of Follistim AQ Cartridge is administered subcutaneously daily for at least the first 7 days. Subsequent dosage adjustments are made at weekly intervals based upon ovarian response.

Where do you inject follistim?

Follistim® AQ Cartridge is given by injection just under the skin (subcutaneous injection). Recommended sites are the area just below the belly button or the upper thigh.

What happens when you take follistim?

It is to be given directly under the skin, typically on a daily basis when used as part of fertility treatments in women, and typically two times per week when used to promote production of viable sperm in men. Common side effects of Follistim AQ include pelvic pain, headache, and enlarged ovaries.

Can follistim cause acne?

Common side effects of Follistim AQ include headache, stomach pain, bloating, nausea, injection site reactions (redness, pain, bruising, or irritation), breast tenderness or pain or swelling, dizziness, numbness or tingly feeling, pelvic pain/discomfort or tenderness, runny or stuffy nose, sore throat, acne, or skin …

Where is the best place to inject follistim?

How many days do you inject follistim?

What’s the difference between Gonal F and 225 Follistim?

225 Gonal F = 225 Follistim? Due to the shortage of Lupron, my nurse had to change pharmacy. So now my stims med also changed from Gonal F to Follistim. Nurse said they are the same meds but just diff manufacturer. 225 dosage is same too.

How many milligrams of Follistim are in a cartridge?

Injection: Follistim AQ Cartridge 175 international units per 0.210 mL Injection: Follistim AQ Cartridge 350 international units per 0.420 mL Injection: Follistim AQ Cartridge 650 international units per 0.780 mL Injection: Follistim AQ Cartridge 975 international units per 1.170 mL

What is the maximum dose of Follistim AQ?

The maximum, individualized, daily dose of Follistim AQ Cartridge is 250 international units. Treatment should continue until ultrasonic visualizations approximate the pre-ovulatory conditions based on follicular development.

How to use the Follistim AQ pen?

1 Your healthcare provider will decide on the dose of Follistim AQ Cartridge to be given. 2 Follistim AQ Cartridge using Follistim Pen can be administered subcutaneously (beneath the skin) in prescribed doses from 50 International Units (IU) up to 450 IU, in marked 25 IU increments. 3 Pull off the outer needle shield.

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