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How many majors does Austin College have?

How many majors does Austin College have?

Majors & Fields of Study at Austin College Austin College offers 38 distinct undergraduate degrees, concentrated into 33 majors within 16 broad fields of study.

Is Baylor or UT Austin Better?

Baylor University has more expensive tuition & fees ($49,246) than UT Austin ($40,032). It is harder to admit to UT Austin than Baylor University. UT Austin has higher submitted ACT score (29) than Baylor University (29). UT Austin has more students with 51,832 students while Baylor University has 17,217 students.

Is Austin College prestigious?

Austin College is ranked #111 in National Liberal Arts Colleges. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Is Baylor a Tier 1 school?

How does Baylor define Tier 1? A Tier 1 university operates at the highest levels in not only teaching and research, but throughout the university in services to students, the arts, athletics and more. As Baylor strives to reach R1 status, our commitment to excellence university-wide grows even stronger.

Is Austin College a party school?

Tons of raging parties almost any night of the week.

Is Austin College conservative or liberal?

On one side of the spectrum is Texas A&M (conservative), and on the other side is the University of Texas at Austin (liberal). The Aggies are by far the largest right-leaning school in the country (and simply one of the largest schools in the country).

Is it harder to get into Baylor or A & M?

Baylor vs. Texas A&M

Baylor University Texas A & M University College Station
Acceptance Rate 45.3% 57.8%
Avg High School GPA 3.74 3.68
Admissions Standards Very High Very High
Applicant Competition Low Low

Is alcohol allowed at Baylor?

Law and Baylor policy prohibit the unlawful manufacture, possession, use, sale, transfer, or purchase of alcohol on or off Baylor property or as part of any of Baylor’s activities, or attempt to engage in any such prohibited behavior.

Can you get a full ride to Baylor?

How can I get a full ride? High-achieving students may apply to attend an Invitation to Excellence event. If selected to attend, students will receive a $2,000 scholarship and be eligible to apply for a full-tuition Faculty scholarship.

What kind of majors are offered at Baylor University?

All Majors. Discover the majors and programs offered by Baylor University and the types of degrees awarded. Health Professions. Humanities. Science, Technology, and Math. Trades and Personal Services.

What is the major of Business Administration at Baylor University?

Baylor Business Fellows. Degrees offered: BBA. Major description:The Baylor Business Fellows major is based on the assumption that students of proven academic excellence may pursue a bachelor of business administration degree with few restrictions on their selection of courses and the methods used to accomplish their work.

What are majors and minors at Austin College?

Requirements for majors and minors are described in the Courses of Instruction section of the Austin College Bulletin (Academic Catalog). Austin College offers more than 55 areas of study, supported by research, internships, and other applied learning opportunities.

How to become a minor in Baylor University?

Non-business majors must have at least Sophomore-standing, with a minimum 12 Baylor hours, and a 2.75 cumulative Baylor GPA in order to enroll in these minor courses. Students must maintain a 2.75 cumulative GPA to continue taking classes in this minor. Course availability during the fall and spring semesters may be limited.

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