What is the season for dragon fruit?

What is the season for dragon fruit?

The summer (June through September) is the main season for fresh dragon fruit. August and September are the peak months for most varieties; however, varieties of Selenecereus megalanthus produce fruit during the winter months of November through February (Lobo et al, 2015).

Is dragon fruit available all year round?

Peak dragon fruit season is in the summer and early fall, but thanks to different growing locations and off-season production techniques (like tricking the plant with supplemental lighting), it’s possible to find dragon fruit close to year-round. Try using dragon fruit in a smoothie or a cocktail.

How do you grow dragon fruit in South Africa?

Dragon fruit is best propagated from cuttings. The plants prefer well-drained and composted soil in warm areas with a rainfall of at least 400 mm and up to 1 500 mm per year. High-density planting of up to 1 250 plants/ha is easily managed, with a spacing of 4 m x 2.5 m to 5 m x 2.5 m, depending on trellising systems.

What time of year is dragon fruit ripe?

Dragon fruit harvest is generally mid summer through early fall. When should I harvest dragon fruit? Andrew Carberry has been working in food systems since 2008.

Which is better white or red dragon fruit?

It is an established fact that deep red fruits and vegetables contain more antioxidants. That’s why, red dragon fruit has higher amount of antioxidants than white one. This makes it a great food for healthy eyes, blood, and skin. Due to high sweetness, many people prefer the red fruit.

Is dragon fruit sold in South Africa?

The bulk of dragon fruit is produced in Northern Hemisphere countries. This means that dragon fruit from South Africa is available when availability in European and US markets are low.

How much does dragon fruit cost?

Dragon Fruit is an Exotic Fruit, thus Expensive The Food Network estimates that one piece of this exotic fruit can cost you an estimated $10. Considering it’s not much bigger than a standard mango fruit, this is a lot to pay.

How do you know if dragon fruit is bad?

You can tell if the dragon fruit is bad by just seeing the skin of the fruit. It is bad if the skin is loose and has wrinkles on it. Also, the color of its skin will change to a dark shade of purple or magenta, telling that the fruit is bad. The leaves of the fruit will also turn dark green.

Where are the dragon fruit farms in South Africa?

Our adventure into farming dragon fruit began 10 years ago on the Paper World property in the North West Province of South Africa, where we began to cultivate the Costa Rica sweet red dragon fruit variety. At present, we are proudly the biggest supplier of dragon fruit cuttings in South Africa.

What kind of fruit does dragon fruit produce?

The Ruby Red, or Thailand Red/Purple Flesh is defiantly a fast growing and high yield crop, producing plant., It is adaptable to grow in many areas in SA and Around the world, It is a robust plant that produce many branches filled with flowers and fruit, all summer long, just like the white flesh, It has sweet pulp, taste like Kiwi Fruit.

Do you sell cuttings in Dragon Fruit Farm?

Dragon fruit farming is a most rewarding occupation and is highly recommended for those who are avid fruit farmers, as well as those looking for a holistic hobby. We do sell cuttings and plants.

How often do Thai dragon fruit plants bear fruit?

Thai dragon fruit may bear fruit six times a year if they receive the proper attention. They need to be grown in well drained soil and watered once every two weeks. The soil must be left to dry between the watering periods. The plants prefer full sunshine.


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