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What are the beautiful spots in Iloilo?

What are the beautiful spots in Iloilo?

18 Must-Visit Iloilo Tourist Spots That Will Capture Your Heart

  • Gigantes Islands.
  • Miag-ao Church.
  • Garin Farm.
  • Calle Real.
  • Molo Church.
  • Iloilo River Esplanade.
  • Concepcion Islands.
  • Jaro Cathedral.

What is Iloilo best known for?

It is most known for the annual Dinagyang Festival, exquisite heritage sites, deliciously fresh seafood, and signature Ilonggo dishes. The city is also home to many Spanish-colonial churches, grand vintage houses, and old commercial and institutional buildings dating back to its heyday as the “Queen City of the South.”

Is Iloilo safe for tourists?

The city is mostly safe. The index of crime is moderate in Iloilo. Most crimes concern stealing things, carjacking, vandalism, drugs, and corruption. Occasionally, kidnapping for ransom occurs in the region.

Where can I see sunrise in Iloilo?

Iloilo River Esplanade
Watch the Sunrise or Sunset at the Iloilo River Esplanade The “Esplanade” is a product of the city’s efforts to promote healthy living and protect the Iloilo River. It’s a romantic riverside walkway-park best visited in the early mornings or in the late afternoons.

Why is Iloilo City called the city of love?

Its capital, Iloilo City, goes by many monikers. In 1986, a Royal Decree from Spain declared the place “La Muy Leal y Noble Cuidad de Iloilo”, which means “the Most Loyal and Noble City of Iloilo”, cementing the Spanish monarchy’s favour and deep affection. A more modern take on Iloilo’s capital is the “City of Love”.

Do I need a swab test to enter Iloilo?

All persons with inbound travel to Iloilo City from areas in Cebu, Mindanao and the NCR, will be required to submit a negative RT-PCR test result, with date of specimen collection taken at least three (3) days prior to departure, as a travel prerequisite in obtaining the S-PASS.

Where can I watch the sunset in Iloilo?

Iloilo River Esplanade a 1.2 km Riverside Park with lots of activities for all ages. It is the best spot in the city to watch sunset.

What makes Ilonggos unique?

Many of their character traits and personality quirks are hardly unique; they just seem emphasized in the Ilonggo psyche. That Ilonggos are malambing (sweet and affectionate) is a given. One blogger reports: “Ilonggos never, ever show their real financial status with the way they dress or behave in public.

What are the best things to do in Iloilo?

Go on a side trip to Guimaras – A 15-minute boat ride is all it takes to get to Guimaras Island from Iloilo City Proper. This province has a lot of worthwhile sights and activities to offer for visitors who are keen to enjoy its peaceful beaches, crowdless islands, biking trails, and famously sweet mangoes.

Which is the highest official residence in Iloilo?

The “Casa Real” was the residence of the alcalde-mayor or governor, the highest Spanish official in Iloilo. During the American period, it became the seat of government and office of the Governor of the Province of Iloilo. 11. Casa Rizaliana

Who are some famous people from Iloilo City?

The Javellana Family once resided here. One of the family members, Maria Mariquit Javellana lived here with her husband, the former Vice President of the Philippines, Fernando Lopez, Jr. 10. Casa Real de Iloilo The capitol building in Iloilo referred to as “Casa Real” or the Royal House during the Spanish time.

What is the central business district of Iloilo known for?

Also known as the Central Business District of Iloilo, Calle Real was declared a National Heritage Zone & National Historical landmark in August 8, 2015. The street is houses many heritage structures that were built during the American Period and has survived World War II. 8.

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