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Which recharge is best for Airtel DTH?

Which recharge is best for Airtel DTH?

Airtel Digital TV DTH Recharge Plans with 6 Months Validity (Effective Price Under Rs 300)

  1. Kerala Value Lite 6M pack.
  2. Hindi Value Lite 6M pack.
  3. WB HD 6M pack (West Bengal)
  4. Karnataka Plus 6M pack.
  5. TN Value Lite 6M pack (Tamil Nadu)
  6. AP Value Lite 6M pack (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana)

What is 153 plan in Airtel DTH?

Airtel Digital TV North FTA Pack Prices & Offers

Pack Name Price Validity
Airtel Digital TV North FTA Pack Rs. 153 1 month

What is the minimum recharge for Airtel DTH?

Airtel DTH Plans

Airtel Digital Tv Recharge Plans List Airtel DTH Monthly Recharge Price Benefits Of The Pack
My Plan 99 Rs. 99 216 Channels
My Plan 199 Rs. 199 248 Channels
Value Prime Kids Rs. 309 169 Channels
My Sports Rs. 399 181 Channels

What are the free channels in Airtel DTH?

Here is a list of those channels.

  • Dance Studio – Channel 123.
  • Fun Learn – Channel 664/ 668.
  • Cooking – Channel 127.
  • Fitness – Channel 110.
  • Smart Manager – Channel 701.
  • Vedic Maths -Channel 702.
  • Classroom – Channel 653.
  • English – Channel 660 (Hindi) Channel 1424 (Telugu)

What are the best offers in Airtel?

Browse Prepaid Plans

  • 598. Truly Unlimited Calls. 1.5GB. /Day. 84 Days.
  • 399. Truly Unlimited Calls. 1.5GB. /Day.
  • 249. Truly Unlimited Calls. 1.5GB. /Day.
  • 219. Truly Unlimited Calls. 1GB. /Day.
  • 698. Truly Unlimited Calls. 2GB. /Day.
  • 449. Truly Unlimited Calls. 2GB. /Day.
  • 298. Truly Unlimited Calls. 2GB. /Day.
  • 379. Truly Unlimited Calls. 6GB. data.

What are the benefits of DTH recharge on Airtel?

In just a few clicks, you will be able to buy the latest Airtel DTH HD box or get your Airtel DTH recharge done with latest dth offers. Airtel Dth offer benefits such as regular discounts, cashback offers on recharges, vouchers for availing special discounts, and benefits on upgrading your Airtel Digital TV box.

Can you recharge your Airtel Digital TV online?

Just a few clicks and recharge your Airtel Digital TV at your own convenience as you no longer have to run to the store. Airtel Payments Bank saves both your time and money. Airtel Dish TV recharge offers exciting promo codes and cashback that can actually help you save money while doing an Airtel DTH recharge online.

Which is the best platform for DTH recharge?

With recharge platforms like Paytm, Freecharge, and MobiKwik at the helm, you can expect steep discounts and cashback offers on DTH no matter what service you use. Keep an eye on this page to get the latest discounts and offers that digital TV services have to offer.

Which is the best TV service from Airtel?

Airtel offers to upgrade an existing DTH customer, to new Airtel Xstream Box which transforms TV to a Smart TV. It has best built-in Chromecast which makes it possible for you to play OTT content from apps such as Amazon Prime, Youtube, and more directly to your TV.

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