How long can you rebuy Pokerstars?

How long can you rebuy Pokerstars?

The length of each round (before the blinds/antes increase) in a Turbo tournament is usually 5 minutes (as opposed to the standard 10 or 15), though there are some turbo events with 6-minute rounds. Turbo rebuy events usually go on break at 30 minutes, as opposed to 60 minutes in a standard rebuy event.

How do you reset a SharkScope?

Go to the Ignore hand history file before field of the General panel of the preferences and enter the date April 1st, 2015 using the popup calendar. Now choose Reset Database from the File menu. A confirmation dialog appears.

How do you buy back in PokerStars?

If you run out of chips, you will automatically be offered a rebuy (if one is available). If you’re not eligible for a rebuy, you’ll see a pop-up message advising you so. You can choose to automatically rebuy when you run out of chips by pressing the ‘Auto Rebuy’ button above the chat window.

What is a good ROI in poker?

Hourly rate is how much money you’re making from playing SNGs an hour. An ROI greater than 0% is good. You need to play at least 1,000 SNGs to get a half-decent idea of what your long-term ROI might be. Download Holdem Manager to keep track of the tournaments you play and to help you win money from the SNgs you play.

How do you track poker winnings?

You can track your poker results using online sites such as SharkScope or PokerProLabs. To make your poker results available online, you’ll need to opt in. To use PokerProLabs, send $0.03 to “ResultsSites” on PokerStars. The $0.03 will be refunded and then your results will be made public.

What is an add-on in Pokerstars?

During a poker rebuy tournament, there may also be an add-on available at the end of the rebuy period. Typically, this will be during the first break. An add-on is just one extra rebuy. In general, the add-on is available no matter how many chips you have.

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