What is the expression for the area of the rectangle?

What is the expression for the area of the rectangle?

The area A of a rectangle is given by the formula, A=lw , where l is the length and w is the width. Given that, the area is 500 square feet and the width is 20 feet.

How do you write an equation for the area of a rectangle?

Area of a Rectangle Formula. The area of a rectangle is the product of the breadth and length of a rectangle. A = L * W, where A is the area, L is the length, W is the width or breadth.

How do you write an expression simplified?

To simplify any algebraic expression, the following are the basic rules and steps: Remove any grouping symbol such as brackets and parentheses by multiplying factors. Use the exponent rule to remove grouping if the terms are containing exponents. Combine the like terms by addition or subtraction.

What is formula of a square?

In geometry, the square is a shape with four equal sides. The area of a square is defined as the number of square units that make a complete square. It is calculated by using the area of square formula Area = s × s = s2 in square units.

How do you write the formula for area?

The formula for area (assuming this is a rectangle) is: A=l⋅w where A is the area of the rectangle, l is the length of the rectangle and w is the width of the rectangle.

What is simplify an expression?

To simplify an expression means to write an equivalent expression which contains no similar terms. This means that we will rewrite the expression with the fewest terms possible.

How do you calculate the area of a rectangle?

The area of a rectangle is calculated in units by multiplying the width by the Length (or Height) of a rectangle. The Mathematical formula for calculating the area of a rectangle is mentioned below: Area or Rectangle (A) = Length x Breadth.

Which is an example of an area of a rectangular screen?

Example 3: The length of a rectangular screen is 15 cm. Its area is 180 sq. cm. Find its width. Example 4: The length and breadth of a rectangular wall are 75 m and 32 m, respectively. Find the cost of painting the wall if the rate of painting is Rs 3 per sq. m.

How to calculate the area of a square?

But in the case of a square, since all the sides are equal, therefore, the area of the square will be equal to the square of side-length. Area of rectangle = Length x Breadth A = lb

How are the angles of a rectangle equal?

All the four angles of the rectangle are right angles. The opposite sides of the rectangle are equal and parallel to each other. To be noted, a parallelogram also has its opposite sides equal and parallel to each other but the angles are not equal to 90 degrees.

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