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Where can I find a GREY Fox in Oblivion?

Where can I find a GREY Fox in Oblivion?

To learn more about the Gray Fox, go to the Garden of Dareloth at midnight. Look in the Waterfront district of the Imperial City. I can say no more.” Your journal will be updated for the quest Finding the Thieves Guild which will allow you to enter the Thieves Guild at the advice of a beggar.

Where do you wait for the GREY Fox?

Wait 24 hours in ANY IMPERIAL CITY district if it doesn’t work try waiting 24 hours again! if THAT doesn’t work, try another district!

Is there a way to keep the boots of Springheel Jack?

Trivia. In the part of the quest “The Ultimate Heist,” the Boots of Springheel Jak will be destroyed during the escape through the fire grate. This allows them to keep the boots and use them at any time. Another way to keep the boots is to get caught by a guard, after stealing the Scroll.

How do you get Arrow of extrication?

Quick Walkthrough[edit] Go to the house of Malintus Ancrus in Chorrol and meet with the Gray Fox. Go to Bravil and talk to the beggars for information on Fathis Aren. Find and traverse the hidden passage from Fathis’ room to his tower. Enter Fathis Aren’s tower and steal the Arrow of Extrication.

Is the stranger the GREY fox?

Corvus Umbranox is the last known Gray Fox, Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild. He is also known as The Stranger when not wearing the cowl. Once the Thieves Guild questline is complete, he becomes Count of Anvil again.

How do you wear blinding speed boots?

The trick to using the boots is to use a Resist Magicka spell or item before equipping them. If you have 50% Resist Magicka, you’ll only be 50% blind, meaning that things will be a bit darker and enemies will be tougher to hit (with weapon skills under 30, you may not be able to hit anything at all).

Where can I find Fathis Ules in Oblivion?

Elven Gardens District
Fathis can often be found in or around his home opposite the King and Queen Tavern in the Elven Gardens District. He can also be witnessed casually walking around in the Imperial City Market District.

Do arrows have weight in Oblivion?

Characteristics. The quality of the arrows and the quality of the bows as well as the Hero’s Marksman level all determine the damage potential on impact. If the arrows cannot be removed, the arrows will be visible, but will not add on to weight.

How do I get into Fathis Aren Tower?

The doors to enter the tower from the outside are locked (key required), even after you start the associated quest. You gain access to the tower through the Bravil Wizard’s Grotto, which can be entered either from Castle Bravil or from a trapdoor at the bottom of Niben Bay.

Is the stranger the GREY Fox?

Where to find gray fox in oblivion turning a blind eye?

The fastest way for this to happen is to travel to the Imperial City and wait for 24 hours, at which point Methredhel will appear. Another option is to go to Methredhel which will initiate the dialogue about the message. Head to Bruma and enter Helvius’ house where you will finally meet the Gray Fox.

Where to find the gray fox in Skyrim?

Bust of the Gray Fox in Skyrim. There are several references to the Gray Fox in Skyrim : During the Thieves Guild questline, the Bust of the Gray Fox can be found in Mercer Frey ‘s house. The bust is a larceny target for Delvin Mallory, and upon turning it in, will appear on the guildmaster’s desk.

How does the gray fox recover the Elder Scrolls?

The Hero must then defeat Jak in order to recover his boots and deliver them to the Gray Fox. The Gray Fox tasks the Hero with stealing an Elder Scroll. After recovering the Scroll, the Gray Fox uses it to reveal the identity of the true thief, Emer Dareloth, and return to his normal life.

Where do you get the stone for the gray fox?

Steal a stone for the Gray Fox. Wait until Methredhel finds you and gives you a message. Meet and talk to the Gray Fox at Helvius Cecia’s home in Bruma. Travel to the Temple of the Ancestor Moths. Ask the monks about the Moth Priests. Find your way down through the catacombs. Retrieve the Stone and find your way back out.

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