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How much is an antique potato masher worth?

How much is an antique potato masher worth?

This type of masher can run from $40 to $75 range. Size can be an important factor to consider. The majority are usually 9 to 11 inches long. Larger mashers, made for hotels and other commercial use, can measure 20 to 22 inches and generally are priced between $20 to $35.

When were wooden potato mashers used?

These mashers from the late 1800s and early 1900s, also known as muddlers, had either plain wooden handles or metal ones. Wire was used for manufacturing a century or more ago and its popularity lasted well into the 1940s.

What can I do with an old potato masher?

This best potato masher is used to mash potatoes or other soft foods like beans, boiled vegetables, boiled eggs, cheese, etc. You can use it to chop the ingredients in a quite perfect way like a chef.

When were potato mashers invented?

1887. The year that inventors Jacob Fitzgerald and William H. Silver were awarded a patent for a “potato-masher and fruit-crusher.” The device, which later came to be known as a “potato ricer,” works by crushing the potato through a sheet of small holes, akin to a garlic press.

What does potato masher look like?

The potato masher consists of an upright or sideways handle connected to a mashing head. The head is most often a large-gauge wire in a rounded zig-zag shape, or a plate with holes or slits.

What is a rice potato?

This extrusion tool forces cooked potato through small holes, resulting in rice-like pieces of potato (hence the name). It’s constructed of a hopper into which you put a cooked potato (peeled or not) and a plunger that forces the potato through the holes.

Why do potato mashers have holes?

Many standard potato mashers don’t fit into regular kitchen drawers, but some have a small hole at the top of the handle, which allows you to hang them on the wall. The head of the potato masher is the part that makes contact with the food and creates the desired texture.

Do I really need a potato masher?

Don’t bother looking through your drawers for that potato masher, you won’t need it unless you’re looking to make slightly lumpy, more rustic-style mashed potatoes. Instead, try using either a stand mixer or an electric hand mixer to create your creamy mash.

Is a potato masher necessary?

How do you clean an old potato masher?

Soak the plate for a few minutes, then use a dish brush or a nail brush on it. Since this plate is thinner than the bottom surface of the smooth potato masher, it’s actually easier to clean as you shouldn’t have to push the potatoes (or other food) out of each individual hole.

What do they call mashed potatoes in England?

British Mash
British Mashed Potatoes or “mash,” as it is usually called in Britain, is different from the US version or the French version. But it is just as delicious and the perfect side dish when you are serving gravy or stew.

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