Who is Eshan Khan in the book Iqbal?

Who is Eshan Khan in the book Iqbal?

Eshan Ullah Khan has led the efforts in Pakistan through his Bonded Labor Liberation Front, in cooperation with other organizations throughout the world. But the most colorful figure is Iqbal Masih, who at the age of 10 escaped from a carpet factory to become an articulate spokesperson.

What is the problem in Iqbal?

Lesson Summary Iqbal is historical fiction based loosely on the life of a Pakistani boy by the same name. It deals with the very real problem of child labor by telling the story of several children working in horrific conditions, and how these children, unlike most, manage to escape and tell their story.

What was Fatima afraid of in Iqbal?

Fatima feared what laid beyond her loom. They saw a fake version of the life at the looms and beautiful carpets.

Why does Iqbal go over his memories before going to bed?

He even remembered exactly where things were placed in the hut he lived in. Iqbal confessed that he went over his memories before he went to sleep, so he wouldn’t forget them.

Is Iqbal dead?

Deceased (1983–1995)
Iqbal Masih/Living or Deceased

Who killed Iqbal?

carpet Mafia
Iqbal was fatally shot by the “carpet Mafia”, while visiting relatives in Muridke on 16 April 1995, Easter Sunday. He was 12 years old at the time. His mother said she did not believe her son had been the victim of a plot by the “carpet mafia”.

Is Iqbal a hero?

He was born in Pakistan in 1982 and he died when he was 12 years old. Iqbal Masih is a hero because he helped to free slaves in Pakistan. At the factory Iqbal and the other children were treated like slaves. Iqbal worked till age 10 when he finally escaped.

What is the main idea of Iqbal?

The recurrent themes of Iqbal’s poetry are a memory of the vanished glories of Islam, a complaint about its present decadence, and a call to unity and reform.

Why does Iqbal cut and destroy the blue carpet?

Why did Iqbal say he destroyed the rug? He knows the life they are living is wrong.

What is Iqbal salary?

Punishment included severe beatings, being chained to their loom, extended periods of isolation in a dark closet, and being hung upside down. Iqbal often did these things and received numerous punishments. For all this, Iqbal was paid 60 rupees (about 20 cents) a day after his apprenticeship had ended.

How old was Iqbal Masih when he was sold?

four years old
Iqbal Masih was four years old when his father sold him into slavery. He was forced to work more than twelve hours a day. He was constantly beaten, verbally abused, and chained to his loom by the carpet factory owner.

How old is Iqbal Masih now?

Iqbal Masih
Born 1983 Muridke, Punjab, Pakistan
Died 16 April 1995 (aged 11–12) Muridke, Punjab, Pakistan
Nationality Pakistani
Organization Bandhua Mukti Morcha

Why was Iqbal brought back to Hussain Khan?

The man had said that child slavery was now illegal, and Iqbal had told his story to the police who brought him back to Hussain Khan. Iqbal shows them a flyer from the Liberation Front, but no one in the factory can read — except Maria. Although she has never spoken to them before, Maria begins to speak and is a capable teacher.

Why was Iqbal sent to the tomb for so long?

Iqbal is sent to the Tomb for so long that Fatima loses track of the number of days he is there. When Hussain Khan returns from a business trip and checks the work, he finds that Maria (a small girl who never speaks) has woven a kite into her design.

Who is the leader of the Liberation Front in Iqbal?

Within a year, every child in the factory can read the flyer and the address printed at the bottom. Iqbal escapes during the commotion surrounding a brawl among the children. He returns with a magistrate and Eshan Khan, the leader of the Liberation Front.

Who are the main characters in the book Iqbal?

Soon only Iqbal, Karim, Fatima, and Maria remain. Iqbal visits his family briefly, and then returns to stay with Eshan Khan and help free other child slaves. Iqbal studies hard, hoping to be a lawyer one day.

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