Is jordanelle busy?

Is jordanelle busy?

RV camping areas range from very nice to terrible. Many of the paved RV camp sites are not anywhere close to level and sit about five feet away from the main road used to access each site, and there is not much room between sites. Be aware it’s a long walk from the Marina to the RV camping area. …

Is there cell service at Jordanelle?

“Nice, newer state park with close proximity to Park City” All in all Jordanelle is a pretty nice park. Proximity to Park City is easy, cellular and data was fine (under boost), and unfortunately for Lilly, dogs are not allowed on the beaches.

Does Jordanelle Reservoir have a beach?

Utah’s newest reservoir, constructed in 1992, Jordanelle has become a favorite of boaters, water-skiers and wave-runners. The reservoir’s sandy beaches, day-use cabanas and a children’s play area complete the experience.

Can you swim at Jordanelle?

Can I swim in the reservoir? Yes! The water is rather cold (only gets up to 75 degrees) so life jackets are recommended. Swimming should only take place along the shoreline or in wakeless areas to avoid boats.

How full is jordanelle?

Fishing Conditions Jordanelle Reservoir: The water level is currently at 56% full.

How big is jordanelle?

5.158 mi²
Jordanelle Reservoir/Area

How is the fishing at Jordanelle Reservoir?

Fishing Conditions Jordanelle Reservoir: The water level is currently at 54% full. Smallmouth bass catch rates are good, rainbow trout catch rates are fair. Kokanee salmon catch rates are fair for boat anglers, but success is hit-and-miss. The Ross Creek non-motorized boat ramp remains out of the water.

How much does it cost to get into jordanelle?

Park Fees

2021 Jordanelle Fee Schedule
Hailstone Day Use $20 $20
Hailstone Senior Day Use (65+) $10 $10
Rock Cliff Day Use $10 $10
Rock Cliff Senior Day Use (65+) $5 $5

Is jordanelle man made?

Construction of the dam started on June 27, 1987 and was completed on April 12, 1993. Jordanelle State Park opened on June 29, 1995. Because of this, a large area at the foot of the dam was converted into an artificial wetland.

Is this the worst drought in Utah?

SALT LAKE CITY — New data released Thursday shows Utah’s drought situation continues to worsen. The Utah Division of Water Resources confirmed to FOX 13 that 99.94% of the state is now in “extreme” or “exceptional” drought. That is the worst drought category there is.

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