Can you do all quests in Fallout 4?

Can you do all quests in Fallout 4?

Every fully completed main quest results in you having one faction of the three main warring factions, plus the Minutemen in your version of the Commonwealth. Some of it is the same, but the ultimate consequence is which faction you’ll continue to work with after the end of the game.

Where should I put my points in Fallout 4?

You’ll also want to give yourself points in Blacksmith and Armorer. These will let you build better melee weapons and armor. You’ll definitely want great armor, since this play style means you are throwing yourself in front of enemies to knock their skulls in.

How do you complete all factions in Fallout 4?

In order to get all 3 factions you need to reach to the following point for all the factions – Brotherhood of Steal, Minutemen, and Railroad:

  1. Railroad – Underground Undercover.
  2. Minutemen – None active, but after the key point you will default to defend the castle quest.

How long is Fallout 4 main story?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 598 27h 48m
Main + Extras 1.4K 86h 15m
Completionists 429 164h 41m
All PlayStyles 2.5K 85h 43m

Can you befriend all factions Fallout 4?

All factions will be at peace will all other factions and no companions will be hostile to any of them.

What happens when you complete a mission in Fallout 4?

However, when you complete quests dedicated to a specific faction, you can worsen your relations with another group so much, that you won’t be able to do any more missions for them. This page will be updated as soon as we investigate which exact quests block the ability to complete tasks for other factions.

Where do you find the quests in Fallout 4?

Below you can find the main quests path that shows you how the main plot proceeds and what choices you can make. This graph shows you how your choice of faction affects the endings. Bethesda created its game in such a way that it leads the player linearly through all of the missions up until the quest called Institutionalized.

How does the main quest line in Fallout 4 tie together?

Once players close in on tying the proverbial knot in the main quest line, however, they may find themselves in the awkward position where they’ve aligned themselves with each of the main factions, and are forced to make a choice between them.

What happens when you fail a quest in Fallout 4?

Certain events in those factions’ quests can make other factions hostile to the Sole Survivor, thus locking them from those branches and failing all of that faction’s on-going quests. In some situations, this can be delayed (or even accelerated) with certain actions or certain dialogue choices.

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