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What is the message of Spring Awakening?

What is the message of Spring Awakening?

“Spring Awakening,” the musical that is currently on the boards at Virginia Tech’s Squires Studio Theatre, has an impactful theme and subject matter that includes abortion, homosexuality, rape, suicide and child abuse.

Who gets raped in Spring Awakening?

Wendla Bergmann: A girl who turns fourteen at the beginning of the play. She begs her mother to tell her the truth about how babies are born but is never given sufficient facts. In the middle of Act Two, Melchior rapes Wendla in a hayloft.

Was Spring Awakening a success?

Spring Awakening is a Tony Award-winning rock musical with music by Duncan Sheik and book and lyrics by Steven Sater. Spring Awakening received eleven 2007 Tony Award nominations, winning eight, including Tonys for best musical, direction, book, score and featured actor.

How old are they in Spring Awakening?

14 years old
14 years old. An impassioned young girl that is awakening to her sexuality and the harsh realities of the world.

Why is Spring Awakening so good?

Many students who perform Spring Awakening are extremely passionate about what they’re creating. Not only is it a beautiful work of art, with a precise, emotional score and a compelling script, but students are also more likely to be invested in what they perform when they can connect directly to what they create.

Did Spring Awakening win a Tony?

Spring Awakening swept the 2007 Tony Awards® winning eight out of its eleven nominations, including Best Musical, Best Director (Michael Mayer), Best Book (Steven Sater), Best Choreography (Bill T.

Is Spring Awakening a tragedy?

A tragedy of rape, abuse, and suicide, Frank Wedekind’s Spring Awakening: A Children’s Tragedy continues to amaze and impact audiences over a century after its first performance.

Why do people Spring Awakening?

“It’s kind of naïve to think that kids aren’t really thinking about this stuff and grappling with these issues.” Many fans credit the show with helping them come to peace with their own sexual histories, or the hardships they went through on the road to self-acceptance.

Is Spring Awakening controversial?

Quality and accolades aside, Spring Awakening puts controversial issues front and center: teen sexuality, domestic and sexual violence, and suicide. Many school districts see this musical—and shows like it—as a public-relations fiasco waiting for a letter to the editor, or worse, to the superintendent.

Is Ilse dead in Spring Awakening?

There’s debate over whether or not she’s dead in the show, but Krysta Rodriguez has confirmed that she’s alive in the revival. In the revival, she is highly implied to be high when she meets Moritz.

Is Spring Awakening for kids?

Is Spring Awakening appropriate for my teenager? Spring Awakening is a musical about teenagers and contains many opportunities to open up discussion regarding important societal issues. We recommend the show for ages 16+.

Is Spring Awakening on Broadway?

Spring Awakening is one of the most beloved Broadway musicals of the millennium and the new NBC series Rise is putting it into the spotlight! If you’re not familiar with the show, let us fill you in. The show is based on a German play of the same name from 1891 and follows the sexual awakening of a group of young people.

What is the musical Spring Awakening about?

Spring Awakening (musical) Spring Awakening is a rock musical with music by Duncan Sheik and a book and lyrics by Steven Sater . It is based on the 1891 German play Spring Awakening by Frank Wedekind . Set in late 19th-century Germany, the musical tells the story of teenagers discovering the inner and outer tumult of teenage sexuality.

When was Spring Awakening?

Spring Awakening was originally a play written by Frank Wedekind in 1891, and the Broadway musical based on said play was written in the 21st century. The musical features music by Duncan Sheik and lyrics and book by Steven Sater .

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