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How do I contact the Wigan Council?

How do I contact the Wigan Council?

You can phone our contact centre on 01942 404364. Alternatively you can pop into your local life centre to speak to someone. Thanks.

What is the email address for Wigan Council?

[email protected]) being used 20.2% of the time.

What council is Wigan?

Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council
The Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council is the local authority for the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan in the United Kingdom. It consists of 75 Councillors with one-third being elected every three years in four….

Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council
Seats 75 (38 needed for a majority)

Who is in charge of Wigan Council?

Executive Leader – David Molyneux.

How do I complain to Wigan Council?

You can make a complaint to us in whichever way is easiest for you. Email us at [email protected] • Phone us on (01942) 827607. Write to us at the Complaints and Information team, PO Box 100, Wigan, WN1 3DS. Call into any public Council office.

Can you get your council tax bill online?

You can get your council tax bill online or in the post. Many people prefer online billing – called eBilling – because: it’s more convenient, ready to view online at any time. you need never worry about losing it or putting it in a safe place.

How do I make a complaint to Wigan Council?

What is egress Wigan Council?

Egress Switch is a secure email system that allows Wigan Council to communicate with members of the public more securely. It enables us to protect your personal and sensitive data, and lets you respond and initiate safe correspondence with us. It’s free to use when sending or replying to emails from Wigan Council.

How do I complain to Wigan council?

Is Wirral council Labour?

The political composition of the council is as follows: Labour – 30 seats. Conservative – 23 seats. Liberal Democrats – 6 seats.

When did myAccount go off for Wigan Council?

Our old MyAccount was switched off on 31st March 2021. Please sign up to a new MyAccount now to continue to view your Council Tax and Housing Benefit accounts and report environmental issues. Please register for Housing Online to view your Housing Rents account.

How can I pay my council tax by phone?

Pay on the telephone You can pay your bill by credit or debit card 24 hours a day by phoning the automated bill payment hotline 01942 489006. Have your card and Council Tax account reference number ready when you call. Payments cannot be made with American Express cards.

Who is Social Services Manager for Wigan Council?

Wigan social services Manager Delaine Armstrong and social worker Laura protano discrimination Asian male bullied me and push me away from my son. Why social services don’t go to my parents because my parents are asian.

What is the problem with Wigan Borough Council?

Everything in the Wigan borough is neglected, the grounds maintenance is one of the worst in the northwest, and there play equipment in parks is neglected, as my son cut his self on tyre swing. Have searched and search for help on the website but there is no relevant section for my enquiry and I can’t find a contact number anywhere.

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