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What is the density of Rockwool?

What is the density of Rockwool?

48-160 kg/m3
Density: 48-160 kg/m3. Thermal conductivity at 50 Degree C: 0.043 W/mk. Maximum Temperature: 750 Degree C. Moisture Absorption: 2%

What is the densest Rockwool?

100mm is the thickest slab of acoustic mineral wool available and is best used as stud wall insulation, between flooring joists or flooring frameworks with our MuteCradle options to prevent cavities from resonating, leaving them untreated will lead to any remaining sound passing through into these areas.

What thickness of Rockwool do I need?

Depending on the application ROCKWOOL can make a board product up to 6” thick and a batt product 7.25” thick. ROCKWOOL products can also be layered to achieve a higher R-value when needed.

How thick is R30 Rockwool?

R-Value: 30

Brand Rockwool
Product thickness in 7.25″
Product type Batt
Product width in 15.25″, 16.25″, 23″, 24.25″
R value R30

What is the difference between Rockwool and glasswool?

Rockwool is resistant to water, so it doesn’t get damp and provide good growing conditions for funghi, mould, mildew or other bacterial growth. Glasswool on the other hand can get wet and damp, and as well as promoting the growth of funghi, mildew and rot its insulating properties are severely reduced.

Can I double layer Rockwool?

DO use two layers of Rockwool in walls and ceilings, and leave a little space between them. DON’T forget about interior walls. To further reduce sound transfer put layers of Rockwool between the interior walls of a space. It can add a level of privacy for people living in close quarters.

Is Rockwool any good for soundproofing?

Stone wool insulation solutions from ROCKWOOL will help you soundproof and insulate your space with the proven durability to last for the long term without seeing a decrease in performance.

How big is the thickness of Roxul insulation?

thickness ranges from 1.0” (25 mm) to 6” (152 mm). Testing demonstrates that ROXUL AFB’s inherent higher density and manufacturing process delivers dramatically better airflow resistivity compared to glass wool. Higher air flow resistivity means better sound attenuation In commercial applications, much of the sound or noise to

What should the internal temperature of Roxul 1200 be?

• ROXUL® 1200 is designed for operating temperatures from below ambient to 1200°F (650°C). During commissioning, the innerpart of the resin material will start a controlled decomposition, when the internal temperature of the insulation exceeds 450°F (232°C). Provide adequate ventilation to prevent smell and smoke.

What do you need to know about Roxul safe?

Together, ROXUL SAFE™ and CURTAINROCK ® 40/80 provide a comprehensive critical line of defense in fire protection that has been UL/ULC tested and approved for perimeter fire containment.

Is the Roxul comfortbatt insulation non combustible?

Roxul ComfortBatt stone wool insulation is Roxul ComfortBatt is resistant to water, rot, mold, non-combustible as determined by ASTM E136 and CAN4-S114. It will not develop smoke or promote flame spread, even when directly exposed to fire, as most other insulation materials will. n Extremely high melting point of 1177 °C (2150 °F)

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