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What is SAE 841?

What is SAE 841?

SAE 841 Oil-Impregnated Powdered Bronze is a special class of self-lubricating bronze designed to be used in heavy duty bearings and other moving industrial parts.

What is the temperature range of SAE 841?

10°F – 175°F
CA Prop65

Dynamic Load Capacity 2000 lb /sq in
Outer Diameter 1.2530″
Specification SAE 841, RoHS, REACH
Speed 1200 sq ft/min
Temperature Range 10°F – 175°F

What is 841 bronze?

SAE 841 Oil Impregnated Bronze Bearings from National Bronze Mfg are self lubricating and maintenance free. Manufactured through powdered metallurgy, this process gives the bearings tiny pores formed throughout the structure of the bearing.

What is Oil Impregnated bronze?

Oil-impregnated bronze bushings are characterized by their ability to self-lubricate. Bronze powder is gravity fed into a die set which is the desired bushing size. The powder is then pressed to connect the powder particles together. The powder particles in the part are then bonded together in a furnace.

What is SAE 863?

Bronze Hollowbar SAE 863 Oversized is normally used for industrial and machine applications. SAE 863 Oil-Impregnated Powdered Iron Bronze is a special class of self-lubricating bronze designed to be used in heavy duty bearings and other moving industrial parts.

What is a bunting bearing?

Bronze Flange Bearings at Bunting Bearings Bunting Bearings stocks a comprehensive line of cast bronze bearings, flange bearings, and much more. We are proud to serve our clients with high-quality stock parts. Our Bronze Flanged Bearings SAE 841 conform to ASTM chemical and physical standards.

Does bronze absorb oil?

Re: Soaking Bronze Bushings Question It is porous and will absorb oil.

What does oil impregnated mean?

Impregnation – This process fills the pores of a sintered metal part with a lubricant. Heat Treating – This is the heating of a sintered metal part in a protective atmosphere and then oil quenching the part. The results are usually improved strength and hardness.

What is a bunting bearing used for?

They are also useful in mounting and positioning static items. When paired with bearings on the external housing of a device, flanges increase the ability of the end product to effectively handle radial and thrust loads. Flanges are one of the most popular types of bearings requested by our clients at Bunting Bearings.

What are the physical properties of SAE 841 bearings?

Physical and Mechanical Properties for SAE 841 Bearings Density (gm per cu. cm) 6.4-6.8 Porosity (% oil by vol.) 19.0 min “K” Strength Constant 26,500 psi

What are the benefits of SAE 841 sintered bronze?

SAE 841SINTERED BRONZE Chemical Composition, Mechanical Properties, Benefits – Tight tolerances allow for reduced shaft clearances and better press fits. – Long lasting self lubrication provides an oil film for smooth start-ups – Elimination of oil groove and oil hole – Can be re-oiled when dry

What makes SAE 841 MIL-B-5687D powder metal bearings?

SAE 841 MIL-B-5687D Similar or Equivalent Specs One of the finest powder metal bearings on the market. By using a proprietary blending and sintering process this gives us a uniform grain structure and spheroidized porosity which results in superior strength, lower coefficient of friction and a uniform oil coating of the mating shaft.

How big is an ASTM B-438-95A bronze bearing alloy?

ASTM B-438-95A GR 1 Type II; MIL-B-5687D Type 1 GR 1; MPIF CT-1000-K26 Compressive Yield Strength, 0.001 inch permanent set on 1.25 inch diameter by 1 inch long test specimen

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