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What is a triple king in checkers?

What is a triple king in checkers?

If a piece crosses the board, becomes a king, and then crosses the board back to its original side, it becomes a triple king and gains two abilities. It can jump: friendly pieces to travel faster.

Why chess is black and white?

The pieces are often not literally white and black, but some other colors (usually a light color and a dark color, respectively). In old chess writings, the sides are often called Red and Black, because those were the two colors of ink then commonly available when hand-drawing or printing chess position diagrams.

Is black at a disadvantage in chess?

Does black have a disadvantage in chess? The answer is yes. Statistics show that black has a disadvantage in chess because players with the white pieces tend to win 52-56% of all won games. That means playing with black could result in significantly more losses than playing with white.

What are the rules for the Checkers game?

Men may only move forward, but kings can move diagonally forwards as well as backwards. Multiple pieces maybe jumped by both men and kings provided that there are successive unoccupied squares beyond each piece that is jumped. Now that you know the setup and the rules, here are some general strategies on how to win checkers.

How many checkers do you need to be king in Canadian checkers?

In order to be kinged the piece must land exactly in that row. Canadian checkers uses a 12×12 board and 30 checkers per player. The same rules as international draughts apply. Brazilian checkers uses an 8×8 board and uses rules similar to international draught rules. Italian checkers uses an 8×8 board.

How are the pieces placed on a checkers board?

The pieces are placed on every other dark square and then staggered by rows, like shown on the board. Each Checkers player has different colored pieces. Sometimes the pieces are black and

What are the rules for the Jumanji board game?

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