Who made the Regency TR-1?

Who made the Regency TR-1?

Idea Inc.
Texas Instruments supplied the transistors to Idea Inc., who designed, produced, and—three years later—finally debuted the Regency TR-1 in November 1954, just in time for the holiday-shopping season.

When was the first transistor radio manufactured?

July 1954
In July 1954 the Texas Instruments and Industrial Development Engineering Associates (I.D.E.A.) companies embarked on a six month project to produce a pocket-sized radio for the Christmas market. The result was the Regency TR-1, the world’s first pocket transistor radio.

Who invented the first transistor radio?

Texas Instruments
Transistor radio/Inventors

Who invented transistor radio 1954?

TI built the transistors; Regency built the radio. On October 18, 1954, the Regency TR1 was put on the market. It was a scant five inches high and used four germanium transistors. While the Regency sold out everywhere, it didn’t stay on the market.

Which company invented the transistor radio in 1952?

Transistors were first produced commercially by the American company Raytheon, in 1952. The first radio to be produced commercially was the Regency TR-1, which was also manufactured in America and went on sale in November 1954. It only used four Texas Instruments transistors, as transistors were then very expensive.

Can you talk through a transistor radio?

This type of device is a popular choice with listeners who are dissatisfied with terrestrial music radio because of a limited selection of music and reception problems. However, transistor radios are still popular for news, talk radio, weather, live sporting events, and emergency alert applications.

What’s the history of the regency TR 1 radio?

T his w ebsite covers the development of the Regency TR-1 & the people who built it, features a gallery of TR-1 images, includes resource references, highlights some of the radio’s quirky anecdotal moments in history…surviving nuclear bombs, Hollywood, ” then & now “, rock’n roll; and touches on the cultural impacts triggered by this radio.

Is the regency TR 1 transistor a collector’s Prize?

The TR-1 is a true collector’s prize. On October 9, 2012, the PBS television show “History Detectives” ran an episode including the Regency TR-1 transistor radio. You can watch online. Time Magazine rates it among the All-TIME 100 gadgets.

How long does a Regency TR-1 battery last?

The current drain from this battery is only 4 mA, allowing 20 to 30 hours of operation, in comparison to only several hours for the portable receivers based on vacuum tubes. The Regency TR-1 is patented by Richard C. Koch, US 2892931 , former Project Engineer of I.D.E.A.

What was the significance of the regency transistor radio?

HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF THIS MOMENT – The Regency TR-1 kicked-off a worldwide demand for small and portable electronic products that bred the DNA for all Personal Electronic Devices and smartphones we now use on a daily basis. View video of Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founder with Steve Jobs), reflect on the transistor radio.

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